Kota (Raj) May 13 (PTI) Five of the six people involved in a twin murder case over four years ago were sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Bhawanimandi town of Jhalawar district on Friday.

Bhawanimandi's Additional District Judge Shiv Charan Meena sentenced the five after convicting them of trampling Hasamdi village residents Govind Singh, 45, and Kalu Singh, 48, under the wheels of a pickup van in November 2017.

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The sixth accused involved in the case had died a few months back during the Covid pandemic, Public Prosecutor Lokesh Gupta said.

He identified the five convicts as Dhara Singh, 33, Bherulal Rathore, 28, Vikram Singh, 38, Pradhan Singh, 40, and Bahadur Singh, 50, all residents of various villages under the Gangdhar police station area of Jhalawar district.

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Gupta identified the deceased accused as Sodan Singh, 36.

He said the court also slapped a fine of Rs 20,000 on each of the convicts and provided for additional jail terms if they fail to pay the fine.

The public prosecutor said the six had an old enmity with the duo and they ran over the two victims after hitting their motorcycle with their pickup van and running the vehicle repeatedly over them after they fell on the ground after being hit by the van.

The case against the six was lodged on the complaint by Govind Singh's brother Guman Singh, who had said accused Bahadur Singh had a grudge against his brother and the six had kept a close watch on his brother to eliminate him.

He had alleged that the six accosted the two victims when they were going to Nipaniya village from Rojhna Ka Kheda on November 14, 2017, and his their bike from behind and ran over their pickup van repeatedly over their bodies. The police convicted the five on depositions by 26 prosecution witnesses and after examining 94 documents during the trial, the public prosecutor said.

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