New Delhi, July 6: The reshuffle and expansion of the union council of ministers, the first in the second term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is likely to see record induction of members from OBC and SC communities.

ANI has learnt that reshuffle and expansion will take place either on July 7 evening or July 8 morning.

Sources said PM Modi is all set "to induct record representation of OBCs and SCs in the new council of ministers". They said the council of ministers may see 15 to 20 members from SC and OBC communities "and members from non-dominant smaller communities are also likely to find a place".

Representation of women will also see an increase, the sources added. PM Modi's new council of ministers will also see the representation of sub-regions of states with an idea to empower the smallest regions of the country, sources said. Modi Government Creates a 'Ministry of Co-operation' Ahead of Possible Cabinet Reshuffle.

The emphasis is on inducting youth, sources told ANI the average age of the cabinet will come down after the rejig. The reshuffle will also lay emphasis on experience and education which means more professionals, PHDs, MBAs and postgraduates will find a place.

ANI has learnt that leaders with long administrative experience, who had run ministries and were legislators for long terms are also being given preference in the new cabinet of Prime Minister Modi.

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