Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], July 11 (ANI): Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav on Thursday participated in a program organised by the 23rd and 25th Battalion of Special Armed Forces (SAF) in the state capital Bhopal under the "Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam" campaign and planted a sapling on the occasion.

According to an official release, around 1.25 lakh saplings were planted simultaneously by the police units across the state. CM Yadav inaugurated the state-level program by planting a Rudraksha tree here in the state capital.

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Addressing the program, CM Yadav said, "The 'Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam' campaign started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Environment Day has taken the form of a public campaign in the entire country. Our state government also has a target of planting 5 crore 51 lakh saplings across the state. It is an attempt to awaken social consciousness towards environmental protection."

Madhya Pradesh Police making the plantation a priority shows their sensitivity. It is a matter of joy that along with the police personnel, their families are also considering the plantation as their responsibility, CM said.

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CM Yadav further praised the police action in the anti-Naxal campaign and the working system of the police for sensitive and prompt action in maintaining law and order in the entire state.

He also said that the state government was sensitive towards the police department.

CM Yadav on July 6 launched the 'Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam' campaign in the state capital Bhopal and planted trees with public representatives.

Under the Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam campaign, the Madhya Pradesh government decided to plant 5.5 crore trees across the state.

"The way Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for the 'Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam' campaign. Now, the whole country and every citizen is planting a tree in the name of their mothers. Underlining this Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam campaign, the Madhya Pradesh government has decided to plant 5.5 crore trees across the state. The campaign is being run in different districts across the state for the same," CM Yadav then said. (ANI)

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