Kamala Harris Gets Coveted Invite from Powerful Nevada Union
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Las Vegas, Nov 4 (AP) Kamala Harris will be the first Democratic presidential candidate next week to hold a town hall with the powerful casino workers' Culinary Union in Las Vegas.

The union's national affiliate Unite Here announced the Nov. 8 event Monday.

The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 represents bartenders, housekeepers and other workers in the city's famed casinos. It is one of the most powerful endorsements in Nevada Democratic politics. Its 60,000 members are mostly women and mostly immigrants.

The union's leaders have had private meetings with most of the presidential candidates, but Harris is the first to be invited to a town hall with the union's rank-and-file members.

The union says Harris' town hall will be the first in a series with the top Democratic candidates. (AP)

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