New Delhi, Aug 2 (PTI) Koo has proactively moderated 65,280 content pieces, while 3,431 posts were reported by its users during July, the homegrown company said in its monthly compliance report as mandated by the IT rules.

The new IT rules require large digital platforms - with over 5 million users - to publish monthly compliance reports, mentioning the details of complaints received and action taken thereon, as well details around proactively moderated content.

In a statement on Monday, Koo said it took steps to proactively moderate 65,280 posts, of which 2.9 per cent (1,887) were removed while `other action' was taken against the balance 63,393.

‘Other action' includes overlay, blur, ignore, warn, etc., related to Koos that do not comply with GoI guidelines, it added.

The report for July 2021 shows that of the 3,431 Koos reported by the community (users), wherein 14.5 per cent (498) were removed, while ‘other action' was taken against the rest – 2,933, it said.

The volume of proactively moderated content was higher in July, as compared to June. In June, Koo had proactively moderated 54,235 Koos, of which 2.2 per cent (1,996) were removed, while ''other action'' was taken against 52,239.

However, the number of posts flagged by community users was lower in July as against June when it stood at 5,502.

"The report, published for the second month in a row, aims to bring transparency to the process of enabling compliance requirements on social media,” Koo said releasing the report for July.

Koo - which has over 6 million users - has been witnessing strong growth in the country and its popularity peaked amid the Indian government's spat with rival Twitter and growing calls for expanding the ecosystem of homegrown digital platforms.

In fact, Koo, founded in 2020, has witnessed a massive growth in its user base over the past few months, after union ministers and government departments in India endorsed the homegrown microblogging platform that allows users to express their views in multiple Indian languages.

Last week, Google had released its compliance reports for the months of May and June. Google had said it had received 71,148 complaints from individual users in India in May and June combined, which resulted in the removal of more than 1.54 lakh pieces of content.

Google also removed more than 11.6 lakh pieces of content in May and June as a result of automated detection.

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