The festival of Halloween, celebrated on the last day of harvest in European countries, has become famous worldwide and has reached humongous popularity in urban India. In most of Europe and the United States, Halloween, which falls on October 31, is a holiday, but not in India. But this year it is on a weekend, besides most of the schools are not yet open, especially for the younger children. So, get into your spookiest costumes and be ready to scare the daylights out of your friends (well try this on the coronavirus as well!). Here is a list of five cosplay costumes you can try for your Halloween party. Halloween 2020 Greeting Cards, Wishes & Spooktacular HD Images: Send These GIFs, Quotes & Messages to Your Loved Ones on October 31.

1. Billy the Puppet

Billy the puppet from Saw is one of the iconic scariest characters you can go for this Halloween. Known for his signature swirled cheeks and suits, you can smother white powder all over your face and make little swirls over the cheeks to channel that creepy little guy with a matching ensemble. Halloween 2020 Quotes, Wishes & HD Jack-o'-Lantern Images: Send These Eerie Pics with Greetings, GIFs & Messages If You're Missing Trick-or-Treating This October 31.

2. The Joker

The Joker is always a good scary costume if you wish to go for a cosplay character to freak out your friends at the Halloween party. To get the look of the creepy-faced antagonist, you got to have green hair, a big, creepy painted smile, and smudged clown makeup.

3. Annabelle

Anabelle is without any doubt the doll that you don't want to play with. Seriously. But this time you can play with the make-up and get into the spooky avatar of the cursed doll. You simply need to braid your hair with ribbons at the end, add on a white lace dress, and paint on a creepy doll face with makeup to be instantly recognisable. Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas 2020: Sexy Sanitiser or Astronaut in a Spacesuit? Here are HOT ways To Dress up on October 31 While Following the COVID-19 Safety Precautions.

4. Samara from The Ring

Terrifying for whoever answers that doorbell. You can get into this scary avatar by sporting super long hair, a dirt-covered nightgown, and add a creepy voice to it.

5. The Nun

One of the scariest ghosts, The Nun's cosplay costume can be awarded the scariest ensemble this year. The demonic sister with glowing eyes from the movie The Nun will definitely do the trick to scare people around you. This is all about the black-and-white make-up, and a cross necklace and habit will make it complete.