Migrant Workers in Hyderabad Get Shelter, Food

Hyderabad [Telangana], Apr 4 (ANI): Migrant workers in Hyderabad are receiving ample food, medicines and other supplies as they remain stranded due to the nation-wide lockdown to curb the spread of the virus.Rajan, Resident of Maredpally told ANI, "Couple of days back GHMC has brought few migrants in our colony's community hall, we are supporting the GHMC so that they do not get exhausted they are providing the basic food, like rice and dal, we are providing the supplements like banana, pickle, tea, chapati as many are from north India so they prefer chapati than rice.He added, "There are 210 migrants here. The entire colony people are helping them in every way possible; the GHMC is doing a good job by providing meals and shelter to them."Migrant Mohint told ANI, I am from Madhya Pradesh, I came here to work due to lockdown we reached here, food and shelter are provided." (ANI)

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