Karachi [Pakistan], February 24 (ANI): A police team was attacked and tortured by a group of men during a raid at a local hotel in the Model Colony area of Pakistan's Karachi on Wednesday.

The incident took place at the hotel where a team conducted a raid after receiving a tip-off regarding the presence of criminals, as per the Police.

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The Station House Officer (SHO) who was part of the raiding team was also attacked and tortured. To save their lives, the security personnel had to flee the scene, reported ARY News.

Superintendent Police (SP) and Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) have also reached the scene. According to the Police, the hotel owner facilitated the criminals to escape from the scene. Police added that strict action will be taken against those who attacked and tortured the cops, reported the news channel.

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Earlier, the Chief Minister of Pakistan's Sindh province maintained that the worsening law and order situation was a problem afflicting most cities of the country and not limited to Karachi. He said that the only reason that Karachi received more attention was because it is a major city.

"One reason for the rise in street crime is absolutely clear that it is the [present] financial situation [of the country]. But no one is seeking excuses and despite this, the responsibility is ours and we will fulfil it."

He also touched upon the recent harassment cases in Sindh's educational institutions and stated that these cases are "unfortunate".

Notably, Pakistan's economic struggle has started to increase under Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) compounding with the increase in domestic inflation rates and external loan defaulting. Analysts admit that though Imran Khan inherited an economic mess and the COVID-19 pandemic has not helped but his policies have done little to change the state of affairs.

Furthermore, the government has pushed through a mini-budget with new or increased taxes on a range of imports, exports, and services that have drawn the ire of millions. (ANI)

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