Washington, May 27 (PTI) Zinc air batteries have the potential to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution to storage of renewable energy, newly appointed Indian head of International Zinc Association has said.

Arun Misra, the first Indian to be elected as chairman of International Zinc Association, believes viable Zinc-air batteries have helped reduce dependence on lithium batteries, as only a few countries have control over this metal.

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Observing that almost all companies across the globe are looking to renewable energy solutions for their sustainability goals, Misra on Thursday said one of the biggest difficulties with renewable energies has been the storage solution and that too fixed storage solution.

"We firmly believe that zinc air batteries would firmly find a place and will make it much easier to adapt for people for the storage solution," said Misra, asserting that this promotion is going to be one of the key priority areas for International Zinc Association (IZA).

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Early this year, Mishra, who is also the chief executive officer of Hindustan Zinc Ltd, was selected as the new Chair by the IZA Executive Committee. The IZA is a non-profit organisation representing the global zinc industry.

Its mission is to support and advance zinc products and markets through research, development, technology transfer and communication of the unique attributes that make zinc sustainable and essential for life.

According to Misra, there is a huge demand for storage solutions now.

Noting that only a few countries have control over lithium supplies, Mishra said any country for its own strategic interest must diversify its resources for the same purpose.

“Although they may start with lithium, we strongly feel that zinc batteries will come into play in a big way,” he said.

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