Teamex foundation is generating innovative Ideas to help our country sustainably grow . Hiren patel and Nirmal patel are leaving no area empty when it comes to utilising every waste. Such a strategic Idea and innovation Plantable pencils are. 

Most pencils, once sharpened down to a stub, serve no further use. A solution to combat this waste is a pencil with a water-activated seed capsule which can be planted when it becomes too short to use. A writing utensil will now also grow into a plant !! The aim is to plant over 2 Million Plantable Pencils in the coming year.  They usually germinate in about two weeks.

The idea that a pencil stub can be planted when it’s too short to write with is amazing. The use of this pencil doesn't end when it is reduced to a stub, instead, a new life begins in the way of a plant. It is important that we give back to Earth. We believe it is important to do your bit to help make  world greener, cleaner & better place to live.  This foundation is working in a team  where youth activists, social organizations, corporates & influencers work under one vision for development.

Teamex foundation  has  taken an initiative to help country towards sustainable development goals with its innovations where they are supported by Global Interfaith Leaders,Youth Leaders, social activists , state ministers , cabinet ministers  ,who would not want to support such a beautiful initiation that leads to the growth of our country

Working on the vision , they are here to create an impact  to achieve common goals addressing both macro as well as micro-level social issues pertaining to the growth of our country . Teamex foundation is becoming the route of saving the breath and health of  future generation by strategically planting over 2lakh plants with the help of plantable pencils and have trageted to grow more than a million plants in the coming year which is going to boost the climate in unimaginable way

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