As the world continues to socially distance at home while societies work to slow the spread of coronavirus, new online communities are popping up in droves. People will always have the desire to connect, which is why social media has been so critical during these trying times – it’s a way for us to still feel like we’re surrounded by those we love the most.

Naturally, the second most downloaded app of 2019, TikTok, has been a majorly cathartic tool for kids at home, people recently laid off from work, single parents looking for side hustle ideas, and everyone in-between. The fast-paced video sharing app enables users to snap videos up to 59-seconds long, edit them, pair them with hashtags, and post them to their communities. 

Having been around since 2018, TikTok has taken off in a major way during this pandemic. Creators are using the app to share their lifestyles, weird tricks and talents, travels and views, cooking demonstrations, and a growing segment of business videos. These videos pack information related to personal finance, starting businesses, freelancing online, and making money fast. They have been a godsend for those in desperate need of financial support as we weather the worst unemployment rates since the Great Depression. 

One young entrepreneur who arose to prominence in 2018 as a six-figure earner on freelancing site, Alexandra Fasulo, is among those leveraging TikTok to make a difference. 

From Digital Nomad to TikTok Mentor

Downloading the app in January 2020, Alexandra used it haphazardly at first to post funny videos. One month later, she decided to share some of her freelancing journey with app users. The videos didn’t really get too much traction until she edited one together that detailed the travel-oriented lifestyle she has made for herself as a digital nomad. 

To date, that video has 1 million views, 100k likes, and thousands of comments. Overnight, Alexandra amassed a sizeable TikTok following that is now at 43,300 followers.

Using this platform, Alexandra has done something amazing: she has used the social media app as a way to help people around the world find financial freedom. She covers: freelancing on, making money as a freelance writer, securing lucrative side hustles, hacks for making more money on the road, and odd-digital-jobs that many people without college degrees can consider for themselves today.

The digital nomad also goes live 4-5 times per week on the app, answering every single question people write in during the video. She’s covered secret tips for getting first freelancing orders, how to upsell current clients, and how to make mobile apps. Alexandra recently released her photo trending map app, EyePop.

Social Media for Good

Although plenty of studies have underscored the downsides to spending too much time on social media, the authenticity and un-edited nature of TikTok content has positioned it as a valuable digital tool anyone can utilize in their lives today. In Alexandra’s case, she’s showing people how they can make money from home, even if they just recently lost their jobs. For others, it’s providing free personal training videos for people who don’t have money to hire a real trainer.

TikTok is poised to surpass the Instagram social media domination by the end of 2020. With users spending close to one-hour within the app before closing it out, as well as engaging with the posted videos at a much higher rate than Instagram photos, it’s safe to say, TikTok is here to stay.

Alexandra plans to continue growing her following while showing people that their financial and personal freedoms are attainable – right through the internet. For anyone who has lost a job, wants to quit their job, or needs a side hustle for passive income, check out Alexandra’s account today: