Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. The tale of Mr. Dilawar Singh, an ambitious enthusiast, turned into an iconic entrepreneur is no different. Born in India, Mr. Singh studied in Germany to become a sports teacher owning the sportsperson in him but only until he realized the unexplored potential in him. Channeling his sportsman spirit in entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Singh took his career to new heights. Today, he has been into network marketing for over 10 years.

Starting from ground zero and without any pre-investment, Mr. Singh turned the tables with his zeal and hard work to an empire, setting examples for many. We fancy people who are trilingual for their intellect but how about Mr. Singh who is Penta lingual, that too fluent in all. Being self-taught, he credits his faults as his principal guru in the field. With his razor-sharp focus and sheer determination, today he owns several companies and is also the co-founder of Omega Pro World, a FOREX trading platform with AI (Artificial Intelligence) support and is currently working on a project that has the capacity to change the online banking system. He believes in taking action and as he quotes “Fear is the biggest killer of your dreams and Risk is the first step towards success”. Who can narrate the story better than writer himself? Mr. Singh did the same by answering some of our questions about how he intellectualized success.

1. How has your journey been and what is the way forward?

After the typical routine was established, I realized that my talent lies beyond the daily eight hours job, and so I started working in the network marketing field. Working as a sports teacher, I used to work different jobs side by side. I never used to let go of any opportunity and believed in making astute decisions. Communicating with people made me comprehend marketing is a tough field. I initially struggled and failed, but kept the mindset of never giving up and achieving success. Sticking in and believing that every failure is a stepping stone to success.

2. What are the maxims for a fulfilling career and life?

I’m now fully into the marketing business and want to expand my companies in the upcoming two years. I don’t have a plan B. It’s “Do or Die” and believe in the saying that dreams don’t happen unless you take action.

It is imperative to cherish all the experiences in life, no matter good or bad. They propel our mindset to grow. Along my journey in the finance field, I have welcomed each opportunity with open arms with an ethos to succeed. I believe in philanthropy and motivating people by telling them to work hard towards their dreams keeping negative distractions aside and deleting the word “Quit” from their dictionary. Setbacks are the second foothold towards success and as much one fails, he comes a step closer to success.

What truly matters in the end is believing in oneself, quit quitting and fail enough to succeed. Concoct to make sacrifices in life to live and breathe your dream to be successful. If you really do want to make a difference, you're going to have to make sacrifices. There’s no escape. It is hard and grueling but choose what you need over what you want always! Never be afraid of rejections and always deal with situations without fear.

3. What are your avocations except besides work?

I’m a firm believer of a healthy work life balance and extremely passionate about travelling and fitness. One allows me to relax and shape my creativity while the other drives me to perform at an optimum level. I have had been fortuitous to travel across the globe exploring innumerable cultural experiences and destinations. I relish playing team sports and my high intensity workout sessions. It helps me to connect to the ideology of being a team player and being there for others in times of need.