*Vega's art promises heretical yet captivating & evoking stories never seen before, attracting the world.*_

There are many artists in the world who are quite vague with their artwork but are the ones who never fail to impress viewers all over the world with their unique perspectives & ideas through their pieces of art taking inspiration from a legendary past. They create something so different that one wonders whether he/she has encountered such a blissful art expedition ever in their life. Alonzo Vega is one such artist from Peru who has managed to capture the attention of all by his unconventional art pieces that speak volumes about his exceptional artistry.

The 35 year old artist has become a known face in the contemporary art world where he has been the driving force for many other budding artists of the world, motivating them through his futuristic art. The pieces of art that this young man creates are a treat to eyes and something that acts as a great source of inspiration to many aspiring artists. It makes them learn to create contemporary art by taking cues from the pain & agony of past lives showing its unsteadiness & conflicts to arrive at the current times that talks about peacefulness & prosperity.

Vega strongly believes that every art that is created must speak for itself to convey powerful emotion & spark inner debate. His works have been showcased at the Art Basel Miami & many other prominent art galleries across the world. Vega is forward in creating & showcasing complex ideas & concepts through his art that sends out a strong message to people which seems like a nexus at first but which later drives an individual to clarity & show them the purity of the art. He is great at portraying the bitter truths of life by sharing a true story behind his visionary artwork which people can relate to.

This Peruvian artist is much ahead in time with his art where he makes use of real war materials like the shrapnel, empty boxes and bullets to make his art more expressive & evocative.

The artist also believes that visual art is similar to music which has the power to influence an individual' state of mind. He asserts that any artist must first know & understand their line of work to showcase it to others.

Vega's art is a reservoir of creativity that flows freely & not bound by any rules. He has left his art open for the viewers to interpret it their own way. His impressive art has made him garner the appreciations & praises worldwide from different sets of viewers.