In Australia; property is the hot-ticket investment sector that can see big returns from assets ever-rising in value. For those in the know, real estate can be the pathway to a secure future of wealth and abundance, but it can also be a risky endeavour for the ambitious but unprepared entrepreneur. Littered with pitfalls and fine details that prospective investors might overlook when getting into the market, the process of establishing and developing your portfolio requires key knowledge to ensure that you're getting the best investment outcome that sets you up for a future of growth, rather than being stuck with an underperforming property that slams the brakes on further property acquisitions.

Luckily, accredited Buyer's Agent and director of Australian Property Investment Solutions (API); Julie Crockett, has developed a program that puts the knowledge, skills, and power in the hands of first time investors looking to jump into the real estate sector. Julie's course enables investors to confidently enter the field and efficiently build a portfolio that will set you up for the financial independence you desire.

Julie has had an established career as a mentor, an investor and also a buyer's agent. She first stepped foot into the world of real-estate in 2002 when she decided that her current career in Education alone wasn't going to allow the financial freedom that she wanted for herself two daughters. Julie dedicated her time to research and bought her first investment property, becoming addicted to the process of developing a portfolio of wealth-accumulating properties. 8 years of investing later and Julie succeeded in turning her passion for investing into a fully fledged business with Australian Property Investment Solutions, a buyer's firm that uses leading data backed, A.I. driven research methods to source the best value locations for investment across Australia. Through API Solutions, Julie maintains a property referral network with accountants and financial planners as her clients, and often lends her expert advice for live speaking events and publications; including the Australian Property Investor Magazine.

The Millionaire Property Investor Program is Julie's latest project, creating a straightforward framework for keen first-time investors looking to accelerate their property investing knowledge and get ahead of the curve. The program consists of modules covering the fundamental elements of property investing including; developing an entry strategy, market research and location sourcing, to negotiating with selling agents. Julie implements coaching and Q&A services into the course to support and personalize the experience for each investor's unique journey. The Millionaire Property Investor Program  is a unique experience enabling determined investors to obtain industry leading strategies that Julie uses daily to generate value for both her clients and herself, providing a rare perspective that many agents and investors would prefer to keep to themselves.

Julie's greatest satisfaction has been helping hundreds of investors to build successful portfolios from scratch, and aims to demonstrate that other women can confidently build the financially secure future they've dreamed of with the right guidance and support.

If you've been interested in developing your property portfolio but have felt overwhelmed with the entry barriers, Julie's Millionaire Property Investor Program, and decorated history of success within the property sector would make a perfect opportunity to further your goals. Connect with Julie through her website or social media and get a headstart into the world of property investment today.