There’s no one single secret to succeeding in the real estate business. So, what is it that works well when we talk about selling homes? Perhaps, only a realtor and entrepreneur like Ido Berniker, who has been ranked Manhattan’s top and elite real estate broker, can shed some light on the effective points to remember and many of the techniques that help in standing out among the rest.

The Israeli-native who co-founded Mercer Partner in 2012 has made a name for himself not just in New York but world-over. Since starting his career in real estate in 2009, Berniker has swiftly managed to rise to the top, especially after being involved in the sale of 1 Hyde Park Penthouse in London, which happens to be the most expensive deal cracked so far. Further speaking on this feat, Berniker said, “In real estate, it is important to master the art of storytelling. If you can elaborate a story, talk about the room, background, memories, and comfort attached to it – then it’s easy to sell the house since the buyers become interested. However, if you focus on the area of the backyard, square feet, and the number of bedrooms – you’re likely to fall back.”

Besides this, Berniker hasn’t failed to make waves in other markets with his work, most prominent being New York. Since moving to the city in 2007, the realtor has had his name attached to some of the most significant and most expensive real estate closures, namely, One 57, 432 Park Ave, 220 Central Park West, and the Plaza Hotel Residences among many others. Owing to his high-profile clientele and deals worth $2 billion in sales, Berniker has earned recognition amongst the best 10 NYC brokers and also as a top broker worldwide. He believes his experience, expertise, and professionalism, along with an emphasis on specialization and exclusivity, have together proved to be the biggest selling point for him as a realtor and for his business, Mercer Partners, too.

During time off from his work, Berniker can be found dedicating his time as well as resources towards the betterment of the art and fashion industry and everyone involved in the community. By taking up many of the philanthropic projects under his name, Berniker is making efforts to help bring peace to the Middle East. In fact, as an Israeli-native, the realtor has taken it on himself to protect and support children back in his country and develop friendship, trust, and harmony amongst them through the means of art, sports, and education. He added, “I’m presently associated with the non-profit, Children of Peace, which is doing exceptional work for the community. Having witnessed and experienced the instability, negativity, and turmoil in Palestine and Israel, I want the future generations to be secure and joyous.”

Whether it is a $20,000- or $20 billion-dollar house – the specifics remain quintessentially crucial in Berniker’s opinion. He believes, once communication is mastered, there’s no boundary to one’s real estate selling scope. As he would put it, “This industry and the whole of work involved in it is fun and interesting.”