If my memory isn't bad, then Baaghi 3 marks the first time that Jackie Shroff and his son Tiger come together for a movie. Jackie, who has a cameo in Baaghi 3, plays a cop and father to the characters of both Tiger and Riteish Deshmukh. And yet, we wish this cinematic union could have had a better platform. It is not that Jackie and Tiger share only a single scene, but because the film doesn't deserve such a moment. Despite it being a typical Tiger Shroff movie. Baaghi 3 Movie Review: Despite the Kabooms & Shraddha Kapoor’s Censored Abuses, Tiger Shroff’s Action Film Is D…Duh…Dull!

Directed by Ahmed Khan, who also made Baaghi 2 (and takes the credit of action design), Baaghi 3 also stars Shraddha Kapoor, who is returning to the franchise as the female lead after skipping the second film. The movie is an official remake of the Tamil movie, Vettai, starring Arya, R Madhavan and Amala Paul. While the two films share similarities, Baaghi 3 changes the premise to suit Tiger's action image, and also drag Syria's troubled political climate for the hero to wreck havoc in a new terrain.

Is Baaghi 3 good? Well, it caters to Tiger fans, and hopes that they continue to enjoy the silly explosive action-setpieces and the amazing flexibility of the star without thinking much. But if you think that Baaghi 3 is any different from other Tiger films, apart from the flimsy excuse of plots these movies have, then nothing! The movie is pretty much illogical and filled with enough loopholes and many incredulous moments.

In this special feature, we look at the many WTF moments in the film, that made us go 'Duh!'. Needless to say, HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD!


Varun Dhawan in Judwaa 2

In the movie, Vikram (Riteish Deshmukh) is seen crying twice watching both versions of Judwaa. That too, during the comedy scenes. There is no explanation as to why he feels the need to cry there, unless the makers feel, wimpy = mopey. Or maybe, Riteish is just expressing our collective disappointment about those movies!

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor in Baaghi 3

Of all the characters in the film, Shraddha Kapoor's feels the most pointless of the lot. She has the annoying habit of self-censoring her own abuses. She has another irksome behavior of going into inappropriate places in search for a mobile network (is she using Vodafone?). Like, in a men's lavatory. Or right in the middle of the road! Why hasn't anyone labelled her character as a public nuisance?

Aa Rahi Hai Police!

Riteish Deshmukh in Baaghi 3

After the death of their cop father, their uncle tells the heroes (as kids) how their father single-handedly tried to tackle rioters on his own (leading to his death) to save innocents, and then sermonised how police doesn't see religion or language when it comes to evil elements. It will make you chuckle for two reasons. One for the foolhardiness in going to tackle a mob on your own, despite having a force to do so. Secondly, for the irony, that the movie come merely days after the Delhi police has been under accusations of helping Hindutva mobs in beating up Muslims in the capital. There is another scene where Vikram, who is also a cop, asks his subordinate to kill a criminal while on their way to the court. This, BTW, happens in Agra, that's closer to Delhi and in Uttar Pradesh, a state is infamous for its extra-judicial killings.


Akshay Kumar in the poster of Sooryavanshi

Sooryavanshi and Baaghi 3 share the same writer - Farhad Samji. Which explains the mention of the Akshay film, by Satish Kaushik's character to Vikram, while praising him, and also mentioning the other cop movies like Dabbang, Singham and Simmba. Nothing wrong with a little plugging. But the scene is awkward for one reason. Kaushik mentions that in some days, Vikram will also be Sooryavanshi, which makes sense in present time (the movie hasn't come out yet). But will that joke make sense when someone sees Baaghi 3 AFTER Sooryavanshi comes out?

Censor Board

Ankita Lokhande and Shraddha Kapoor in Baaghi 3

If you are not aware of this, Censor Board objected to Shraddha Kapoor's heavy swearing in the film, although she covers up the abuses with her own censoring (like 'uske macho...beep kar dena', geddit?). In a scene in the film, her character imagines going on an abusive rant in front of Tiger Shroff's Ronnie. In reality, though, she is speechless, and when Ronnie asks her why, she replies that Censor Board won't allow her to say what's on her mind. Alas, even the makers didn't realise they had predicted their own predicament in their own movie! Baaghi 3 Movie Memes Go Viral as Social Media Users Poke Fun at Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor's New Offering.


Tiger Shroff in Heropanti

There are quite a few callbacks to the earlier Baaghi films. Like after beating his son, Jackie Shroff tells his brother, 'jo tera torture woh uska warmup hai', recalling Tiger's dialogue from Baaghi 2. The movie goes even beyond Baaghi franchise for callback. Another scene has Tiger's character asked by a constable "Kya hai yeh Heropanti?". To which, he replies, "Sabko aati nahi..Meri jaati nahi!". The problem isn't the callbacks, it is how lazily they are shoehorned into the film with the intention to elicit some half-assed chuckles from Tiger fans.

Vijay Varma's 'Our Business is Our Business..."

Vijay Varma in Baaghi 3

The talented Vijay Varma plays a comic Pakistani pickpocket Lahori in Syria who helps Ronnie and Siya in finding an abducted Vikram. But before that, he accosts them outside the police station claiming he has information about Vikram, and asks them to follow him. How he does so? By saying, 'Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok pe nahi... Tok Tok pe follow karo', Tok Tok meaning to walk! Poor Vijay Varma deserves better lines than this cringe, and perhaps, a better movie than Baaghi 3!

Worst Hotel Ever

Riteish Deshmukh in Baaghi 3

Vikram is kidnapped from his room in what is supposed to be a five star hotel in Syria. When Ronnie, Siya and Lahori reach the hotel two days later, they find everything cleaned and spic-span. But whoever cleaned the room didn't bother to dispose the smashed mobile of Vikram that was just lying under a table. That hotel sure has deserved bad rating on TripAdvisor, not only for allowing to get their guests kidnapped, but also for bad housekeeping!

IPL Manipulation

Jaideep Ahlawat in Baaghi 3

IPL in Baaghi 3 is a character played by Jaideep Ahlawat, a smuggler and a human trafficker, who is the reason behind Vikram being kidnapped and sent to Abu Jalal, the main antagonist. Ronnie plans to make IPL rat out Jalal, by making the latter think the former has already betrayed him. Ronnie leaves IPL in the market, and Jalal's men shower fire on IPL, who miraculously escapes unscathed, making him join hands with Ronnie. While his plan did work, did Ronnie ever count that if Jalal's goons didn't have bad aim, their whole scheme would have gone kaput?

This Time He's Against A Nation...

A Still from Baaghi 3 Trailer

... Which is such a false tagline for Baaghi 3. Jalal's outfit, Lashkar--Taiba, claims to rule Syria. His man even tells Ronnie, that they have lakhs of people behind him, and that they are a whole country, prompting Ronnie to make that cool but very irresponsible line, 'Tere desh ko nakshe se mita doonga!'. The strange part is that, apart from Baaghi 3's problematic depiction of a troubled Syria, the country isn't shown as a stronghold for Jalal. In fact, the Syrian police are trying their best to catch him. As for having a 'nation' behind, I have seen Mumbai locals with more people in them than in Jalal's army. Tall claims indeed!

IPL's Improperly Developed Character Shift

Jaideep Ahlawat in Baaghi 3

Before Jalal came in the picture, IPL was seen as the film's antagonist. But after being fired upon by Jalal's men, IPL joins hands with Ronnie and gives him information about Jalal's hideouts. While rescuing some of the abductees, IPL sacrifices himself saving a girl from a landmine. A heroic death indeed, but undone by the fact that this sudden change in character for a man, who was a bad man a couple of scenes back, makes very little sense.

The OTT Finale

Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff in Baaghi 3

Like Baaghi 2, the climax of this film is filled with OTT gratuitous violence, where Tiger manages to jump from land to a flying helicopter after escaping from an explosion and crashing three of them in the centre of the town. We have Tiger posing with the door from the same helicopter shielding himself from bullets a la Wonder Woman, though none of the villains thought of shooting him from behind despite surrounding him. We have tanks arriving to kill him, that shift from real to obviously fake ones, and also disappearing from the film! And we have Syrian police than just sends one officer to tackle a terrorist army. So many inanities in the matter of a few minutes!

The Role Reversal

Riteish Deshmukh in Baaghi 3

Vettai is about two brothers - one wimpy, one daring - and how the latter inspires the former to be more courageous. The transformation is organic and makes a lot of sense. In Baaghi 3, the makers take this transformation way to the very end, when Ronnie allows the bad guys to beat him up, just to see his brother get riled up in anger. After Ronnie gets stabbed in the stomach, is when the Hulk in Vikram comes out and he takes down every bad man, including the main one, in retaliation. Could have been a really wonderful scene, if it looked even half-believable (why didn't anyone shoot Ronnie despite having an armoury in hand?). There is also this fake copout when Vikram and Siya think Ronnie is dead and laments his demise, only for him to jump back to life instantly and kill the villain who was about to strike them down!

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