Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth Breaks His Silence on Harbhajan Singh's Slapgate Episode; Gives An Explosive Twist To The Tale! Watch Video
Sreesanth In Bigg Boss 12 (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

We still remember a crying Sreesanth trying to tell everyone on the field how he was hit by Harbhajan Singh in front of a live audience in an IPL match that was being broadcast live. Ages after that sorry saga which made headlines, Sreesanth, the notorious crybaby of Bigg Boss 12 house, has a new twist to offer to the sordid tale. As if the drama was not enough for cricket aficionados to digest, then ruminate over and then conveniently discarded once enough gossip was extracted out of it, here's Sreesanth making another explosive confession.

There have been many ups and downs in Sreesanth's life. His aggression, his alleged involvement in match-fixing and his dramebazzi-- all of this has only acquired him the not-so-noble reputation. But the slapgate saga only made Sreesanth the butt of some really nasty jokes. Naturally, Sreesanth tries to guard himself by claiming that Harbhajan never slapped him in those aggressive bouts. Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth Has No Right To Be Mad At Rohit Suchanti For Backstabbing, Because He Also Did The Same

In this video, Surbhi Rana is seen chatting with the former bowler.  Sreesanth adds another twist in the story to offer a new narrative. He claims that Harbhajan hit him with the back of his hand. The strike was delivered on the cheek which was then turned into the slapgate episode!


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Now, hang on a minute! What is Sreesanth trying to justify here? Is he trying to claim that the much talked about slap saga never happened? Was it just the case of two aggressive cricketers indulging in a fist fight? If that was the case then why was Sreesanth seen holding his cheek after that fight, is beyond our logic.

Also, does Sreesanth want to convey that there was more to that apparent slap than what has been made out to be? Was Harbhajan trying to deliver more than just a slap or punch? Questions are many but to get the full explanation watch tomorrow's episode of BB 12 and stay tuned to this space to get this new twist to the story from the horse's mouth!