Whenever a film trailer is released, we often scrutinise it for elements or scenes to critique. In the case of Jawan, it was no exception. Whether it was in the 'prevue' or the official trailer, Atlee's film provided netizens with several openings for criticism. At that time, their criticisms seemed valid. However, having now witnessed Shah Rukh Khan's latest blockbuster on the big screen, we realise that some of these criticisms lose their impact within the broader context of the film. Jawan Cameos Explained: Not Thalapathy Vijay or Allu Arjun, These Actors Have Special Appearances in Shah Rukh Khan-Atlee's Film.

Of course, we cannot delve into this without delving into SPOILERS, so please proceed with caution as you read further. We are not claiming that Jawan is a highly logical film. I am still trying to determine which Mumbai Metro train goes underground, as depicted in the film. Or how a couple agrees to meet each other for an arranged marriage alliance without even seeing each other's pics.  Like any typical potboiler in this genre, Jawan takes some convenient creative liberties with its storytelling. Nevertheless, one can't help but enjoy the masala moments served up by Atlee.

Having said that, some of the issues raised when the Jawan trailer and prevue were released actually make more sense within the context of the film. Let's delve into how those concerns were addressed...

The 'Bald' Appearance

A scene from Jawan Trailer (Photo Credits: Red Chillies Entertainment)

Many who watched the prevue noted that Shah Rukh Khan's bald look appeared quite artificial. It was evident that the actor didn't actually shave his head as required for the scene; instead, it seemed to be a combination of VFX and prosthetics. However, in the film, it becomes apparent that his character, Azad, was never bald to begin with as he just wears the bald prosthetic cap to avoid recognition.

The Gruff Voice

A scene from Jawan Trailer (Photo Credits: Red Chillies Entertainment)

Continuing from the previous point, another criticism was that SRK sounded excessively gruff in the trailer's voiceover. In the film, this quirk also makes sense. Much like the bald cap, the younger Azad adopts a fake gruff voice to sound more like his father, whom he has never met, and to avoid being recognised by his voice. Jawan Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan is MASS MASS MASS in Atlee's Enjoyable Action-Entertainer!

The Cheetah Roar

A scene from Jawan Trailer (Photo Credits: Red Chillies Entertainment)

Yes, cheetahs don't roar, so the 'roar' added to this scene in the trailer was rightly called out by netizens. However, in the film, things are slightly different. The cheetah doesn't roar; it is depicted as growling. Last time we checked, cheetahs do indeed snarl and growl.

The 'Baahubali' Moment

A scene from Jawan Trailer (Photo Credits: Red Chillies Entertainment)

The scene from the trailer where Ridhi Dogra's character lifts baby Azad to show him to the prison inmates was noted as similar to a scene in Baahubali: The Beginning where Sivagami Devi presents baby Mahendra to the public as their newly born king. Swades Easter Egg in Jawan Explained: How Ridhi Dogra's Character is Delightful Tribute to One of Shah Rukh Khan's Best Films!

A Scene from Baahubali: The Beginning

Which itself was inspired from the 1994 animated film The Lion King, where Rafiki lifts baby Simba, the son of king Mufasa, up in the air so that the denizens of the jungle can see him.

A scene from The Lion King

In Jawan, Atlee acknowledges this connection when a character tells Sethupathi's Kaalee, "Wo Simbaa Tha, Ye Mufasa Hai!" regarding Azad and his father Vikram Rathore to thunderous applause.

Moon Knight Comparison

A scene from Jawan Trailer (Photo Credits: Red Chillies Entertainment)

Some viewers likened SRK's bandaged appearance in Jawan to that of Moon Knight, a Marvel character portrayed by Oscar Isaac. However, unlike Moon Knight, who is wrapped in mummy-like bandages as part of his superhero persona, Jawan offers a separate explanation for SRK's bandaged appearance.

In the opening act, Vikram Rathore sustains severe injuries after a near-fatal fall (though the survival itself defies logic, as is often the case in cinema of this kind). The tribe that finds him covers him in bandages to aid in his recovery. This sets the stage for an epic fight scene when villains attack the village, and Rathore takes them on while still wrapped in bandages just for that one scene. Rest assured, he doesn't transform into a desi Moon Knight.

"Aakhree Raasta" Influence

A scene from Jawan Trailer (Photo Credits: Red Chillies Entertainment)

Even before the trailers were released, there were rumors that Jawan might be a remake of Amitabh Bachchan's 80s revenge saga, Aakhree Raasta. This K Bhagyaraj-directed film, itself a remake of the Tamil film Oru Kaidhiyin Diary, revolves around a father who escapes from prison to avenge his wife's murder and his imprisonment, with his cop son attempting to stop him.

Aakhree Raasta Poster

While Jawan borrows certain elements from Aakhree Raasta, such as the cop son, and the villain's involvement in his mother's death, it is not a direct remake. In Jawan, the son takes on more of a vigilante role, and the father is plagued by amnesia, with his memory only fully returning at the climax, revealing to him the extent of Kaalee's cruelty. Jawan Copies Apocalypto? Netizen Points Out Similarity In 'Ant-Stitching' Scene in Shah Rukh Khan's Movie With Mel Gibson's 2006 Historical Film.

The "Chahiye Toh Alia Bhatt" Line

A scene from Jawan Trailer (Photo Credits: Red Chillies Entertainment)

Some Alia Bhatt critics questioned a line jokingly delivered by SRK's character during a scene on the metro in the trailer. They suggested that this was an instance of the actress's PR influence. While the 'Alia Bhatt' line remains in the film as a humorous touch, there is a sly context to the scene. Shah Rukh Khan's character and his 'girls' take control of the Metro train, but their real target is a specific passenger among them. That passenger happens to be Kaalee's college-going daughter, whose name, as you might have guessed, is indeed Alia!

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