Netflix has brought to us some incredible gems from the west which helped us tide over the mundaneness of the lockdown. We have devoured its content and now Crown season 4 and The Queen's Gambit are getting a lot of love. The latter has found a fan in none other than Kareena Kapoor Khan. She loved it so much that it made her ask 'Can Someone Please Make It Here?' Anybody who thinks she asked this to star in the Indian version, is going a little ahead of themselves. We all know that The Queen's Gambit would need a much younger heroine as Anya Taylor-Joy plays a Chess prodigy.  Tired of the Paps, Taimur Ali Khan Shouts ‘No Photos’ As He Takes a Stroll With Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan (Watch Video)

For those who aren't aware of the show, here's a quick recap. The Queen's Gambit is a game in chess after which the Netflix miniseries is named. Anya plays Beth who is an orphan. While she navigates her difficult time there, she gets addicted to the tranquiliser pills served to the girls. She learns chess from one of the guardians in the orphanage and after she gets adopted, Beth joins many chess competitions. While she climbs the ladder of being a successful Chess player, her dependency on drugs threatens to ruin her. It's an inspiring tale of a girl who loses everything, earns much more than, and then almost gives up on it.

This makes us wonder who could possibly play Beth's role if India ever makes a movie like that. The only problem is India does a deplorable job at making movies on a particular character, fiction, or fact. So it would be wise to not touch this gem. Sorry, Kareena!

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