Tiger Shroff's Seamless Dance Performance Will Make Your Heart Beat  Like Ishq Wala Love - Watch Video
Tiger Shroff i(Photo Credit: Times of India)

Barring Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan nobody can display dance moves as seamless as Tiger Shroff. Apart from cementing his position in the industry as the ultimate action hero that knows how to charm as well, Tiger Shroff is known for the popularity he enjoys on social media. His Instagram account hold testimony to the reaction he evokes from his fans from all over the globe. He surely is upping the game with his action chops but with every passing day he is just getting god-like with his dance as well.

And here is Tiger seen in this video dancing to the tune of Ishq Wala Love from Karan Johar's popular college romance drama Student Of The Year. Mind you this number is not an easy track to shake your well-choreographed booty on. Look how every nuance is in place with so much elegance and expression. Tiger has taken the game to another level without adding any unnecessary zestful moves. Watch the video and you will agree with us! Good News! Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani Might Have Reconciled and This Picture is the Proof!

"I think if you practice anything, the more you do something, the better you get at it. It is all about taking time and going through the same routine again and again, even if it gets monotonous. There are not many people who are willing to do the same routine over and over again. But consistency is key. So if you can manage that, then anything is possible," reveals Tiger Shroff to HT about the success behind his popular for his dancing skills right from his first film.