April 2022 gave us many pleasing songs for every occasion. Same, we can hope for May 2022. April is a chock total of new music. We've already conveniently collected some of the month's most profitable songs, and it was not straightforward to compile this thrilling list of tracks. Some have defeated us throughout the month, like Cristian Trujillo and his song Face to face. Whatever you may carry failed to listen to, we are here to plug in the spots with one of the month's best songs, according to us, in April 2022.

Outstanding young talent Cristian Trujillo shocked everyone with his musical talent. We feel his song Face to face is just a start for him. Darting at his talent, we can wish him to thrive in 2022 as a singer and promising music artist. It marks his first new song since his critically acclaimed debut song. That tune, too, did well on every music channel like Spotify. Not only that early but 4 of his songs were also valued by numerous music lovers on Spotify.

Traveling the ratio of silky songs interwoven with subtle instrumental embellishments and poetic lyrics that have become Cristian Trujillo pins, "face to face" picks up where the best of The Sun is left over.

Even as each angle requires that you "face to face," Cristian Trujillo produces his songs with such passion that you can tell he would rather you not have to do it at all: "Oh, he overlooked himself/he don't appreciate no one else." It feels right to jig ahead even as the song breaks your soul, running straight to the center of what has made Cristian Trujillo exciting to watch with each new piece.

He is all set with his multiple outstanding albums in mid of August 2022. No official statement has been made by singer and music artist Cristian Trujillo yet, but gossip is saying we might see a bunch of new songs in his album this year in August or Sep 2022.