Filmmaker Vikash Raj Saxena is preparing to shoot his short film Parachhai in these days. Hailing from Tanakpur city of Uttarakhand state, Vikash is continuously making short films on new stories. Vikash, who made his debut in the film industry with Zindagi, has been awarded two International Awards for his film. The short film Zindagi directed by Vikash. By Reels International Film Festival, his film has received the Best Message Award and the Best Social Awarness Award in the Special Category by the Sinecine Film Festival. After this, Vikash has written the script and dialogues of the Last Chance short film.
Vikash's upcoming short film Parchhai which looks at the condition of a girl's life on the ground level. Vikash explains that "In films, entertainment as well as a positive message, a sense of belonging should be hidden. As a filmmaker, 'I believe that a film should show all the parts of life that make society right Inspired to move forward with a positive message in the path. Also, to keep the quality of short films intact, to show new artists their acting skills and to give society a positive through films, we continuously provide good stories, Filmmaker are making films under the banner of Literia Insight on the reality-based events.
The shadow film under the banner of Literia Insight is also dependent on sociality. The film is being produced by Nitish Raj. Nitish hails from Bihar's Gaya And has also previously produced the award-winning short film Zindagi, the short film Last Chance. Nitish explains that a film producer's job is to know the quality of the film, its extent, its message and how far it should go. Society gets a positive message. Love in the society May the brother grow, brotherhood. The purpose of any film is to entertain as well as show the difference between right and wrong in people. It is our endeavor that we make films on such stories that leave a lasting impression on the wool and only share love in the heart.
The story of the film teaches all of us at the ground level that we should never forget humanity. Do not make fun of any person in the odd circumstances of life, do not leave him alone, but support him. Take life in it, towards the light. Because no one knows when or what happens to whom and when we may need help in life. The film teaches how to move forward in life with positive thinking, never give up and move forward.