Avengers 4 Trailer Will Not Reveal the Title of the Film? Can Marvel Studios Really Be This Sadistic?
Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War (Photo Credit: Marvel Studios)

The first trailer of the upcoming Marvel film Avengers 4 may hit the internet anytime soon. Experts say that the first footage will be revealed today by 8 PM IST. It is about time that the trailer was released after the immense hype over it around the globe post the numerous false rumours on the subject. The trailer was expected to drop on Wednesday, earlier, on Good Morning America, but was moved to Friday. Superfans claim that this was done to accommodate the coverage of George Bush's funeral. The point being nobody outside the studios knows much about the Avengers 4. Title included.

Even if the first trailer of the film drops today, chances are low that we will get to know the title of the film. We have already published a piece expressing our expectation of learning the title of the film.  But as per Collider's editor-in-chief Steven Weintraub, the trailer of Avengers 4 might release without the title of the film. Though he is "not 100% sure" about it hence he only tweeted out this detail instead of doing an official story about it on Collider. So, gear up to see Marvel Studios go to a whole new level of sadism as they will deprive fans from knowing what to even call Avengers 4 officially. As if they had not hurt us enough already by disintegrating Spider-Man and Black Panther into dust at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

How long can we actually refer to the Infinity War sequel as Avengers 4? Before the MCU phase III kicked off, the movie was known as Avengers: Infinity War part 2. But the title was dropped. Since then, the name has been a super secret concealed by the studios. Seriously, you might find out what's inside Area 51 sooner than you know what is the title. Some of the rumoured titles include Avengers: End Game and Avengers: Annihilation. Both suck, to be honest.

It is a popular fan theory that the title of the film will serve as a spoiler. Then why name it like that to begin with? Questions are plenty, answers are none. Let us wait till the evening to find out if we can get a couple of answers at the very least.