That ending to Hawkeye episode five is definitely going to have Twitter going gaga over it. The show that continues to surprise, Hawkeye episode five started with a bang and ended with a bang. This episode was chalk full with reveals and featured some great segments that will have any fans of the show giddy. Just as we kick into the final episode of the show, the penultimate episode is a great set up for what’s about to come. Spider-Man No Way Home Movie Review: Tom Holland’s Marvel Film Is a Multiversal Celebration of the Iconic Avenger! (LatestLY Exclusive).

Episode five starts off with a flashback bringing us up to speed with what Yelena has been doing ever since the events of Black Widow. We then move forward and pick up right after the end of episode four. The episode was filled with revelations, great action and something that is definitely going to make the Marvel fandom scream with happiness. So here are five mind-blowing spoilers from the fifth episode of Hawkeye.

Yelena Gets Snapped

Yelena along with a Black Widow break into another Black Widow’s house in an attempt to cure her from the mind control, but turns out the Widow is already cured. Yelena then goes to the washroom and we see her dematerialise and come back while the surroundings around her changed. She quickly learns that she got snapped.

Yelena and Kate

Kate goes back to her apartment only to find that Yelena is there too. Yelena asks Kate about Clint and reveals that she is here to kill him. Yelena believes that Clint is the one who killed Natasha and she is trying to get revenge, but at the same time was hired by someone to take out Clint.

Clint vs Maya

Clint tells Maya to meet him where she first met Ronin. The Ronin takes out the Tracksuit Mafia members protecting Maya and then engages in a fight with her. Clint bests her and reveals his identity as Ronin. He tells Maya that he was hired by the big man to take out her father and that she was betrayed.

Eleanor’s Reveal

Yelena does some digging and messages Kate saying that she at least deserves to know who hired her. Turns out it was Eleanor Bishop who hired Yelena to kill Clint. Not only that there is more behind Eleanor’s criminalities. Hawkeye Episode 5 Review: Florence Pugh Proves To Be Scene-Stealer Again; Disney+ Series Heralds Return of Fan-Favourite Marvel Villain… Well, Almost! (LatestLY Exclusive).


We see Eleanor in a photo standing alongside Kingpin. Which reveals that she knew about everything that was going on and was lying to Kate constantly. This also reveals that she already knew about Jack’s background as well. Honestly the inclusion of Kingpin has me the most excited.

With Kingpin confirmed to be in Hawkeye, the final episode is surely shaping up to be something special. The final episode of Hawkeye streams next Wednesday on Disney+ Hotstar at 1:31pm.

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