Robert Downey Jr Is Proud To Be An Avenger As Avengers: Infinity War Gets An Oscar Nod - Read Tweet
Robert Downey Jr is proud to be an avenger, courtesy Infinity War. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

It is a proud day to be an Avenger as quite a lot of superhero films have received an Oscar nod. 2018's spectacular Avengers: Infinity War, the third part to the Avengers franchise, got an Academy Award nomination for Bes Visual Effects. And guess Robert Downey Jr, who plays Iron Man in the Marvel Universe, is very happy about it.

Downey Jr took to Twitter and shared his thoughts on Infinity War's Oscar nod, "Proud to be an #Avenger. Congrats all!" On the same, even the Russo Brothers had a few things to say as they proudly expressed their happiness for Marvel films' Oscar nod. Their tweet read, "We are very proud of our incredible vfx team for their spectacular work on Infinity War. A standing ovation for their well deserved Oscar nomination. And a HUGE congratulations to Ryan Coogler, Kevin Feige, Nate Moore, and the entire @theblackpanther team on their 7 nominations."

This year is also going to be amazing for superhero films as various studios have announced their release dates with the most-awaited ones being Marvel's Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Even DC Comics have revealed the release dates of The Joker's standalone, Shazam, Wonder Woman 1984, to name a few.

Good time to delve into the superhero franchises as it has been raking a lot of love from fans and even award committees. Apart from Infinity War, the team of Black Panther is over the moon for their spectacular seven Oscar nominations. They come second to The Dark Knight in the race of most Oscar nods for a superhero film. It sure is exciting and we can't wait for the Oscar's now. The Academy Awards will take place on February 24.