A new trailer for the upcoming film, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, has dropped on the internet. Yes, it is the sequel of the same film that enamoured the audience, The Babysitter. The movie about a demonic cult-member killer babysitter, played by Bella Thorne, surprised everyone and went on to generate a cult following. No pun. It seemed like an unlikely film to spawn a sequel. But 2020 has been the year of things that we never thought would happen, happening. The trailer for The Babysitter: Killer Queen is exciting, funny and intriguing. Come Play Trailer: You'd Pick to Be Lonely Over This Horror Film's Monster 'Friend' (Watch Video).

The entire OG cast returns. How - given the fact that all the cult members died at the end of the first film? Ghosts! The film is set two years after the aforementioned events. Cole (Judah Lewis) is now the weirdo of the school, with no one believing his version of what transpired that fateful night.

At a weekend getaway with his girlfriend, the ghosts of the cult member return to haunt him. And make him laugh? Because, their entry for sure is hilarious AF. Evil Eye: Priyanka Chopra-Produced Horror Film to Land on Prime on October 13.

Check Out The Trailer For The Babysitter: Killer Queen Here:

Jenna Ortega has joined the cast. But there seems to be a secret addition to the cast. When Cole says, "This night cannot get any more erotic", a woman comes walking out of a lake. Who is she? We will know on September 10 when the movie streams on Netflix.

McG returns to direct the sequel. Hana Mae Lee, Robbie Amell also reprise their roles.

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