Kanchana 3 Movie Review: Raghava Lawrence, Your Horror Comedy Is Disturbing And Deplorable
Kanchana 3 movie review (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Kanchana 3 is perhaps the worst of the three Kanchana films. The first part of Kanchana with Sarathkumar as the spirit of a eunuch taking over Raghava's body to avenge her death actually had a character with that name. But that's not the important point here. Focussing on a eunuch character and speaking about the evils and taboo of the society towards the third gender was good intent. What happened to Raghava Lawrence after that is beyond my understanding. Shouldn't he have done more films where the plot is delivered with Impeccable humour and the element of horror? Turns out he chose to milk more of horror comedy and try to breathe life into a franchise that shouldn't have had three parts.

The plot of Kanchana 3 is very similar to the first two parts. Raghava, a young lad with fear towards the dead, makes life hell for his family with his affinity towards inhabiting spirits in his body. The story starts with Raghava's mother, Kovai Sarala's parents celebrating their wedding anniversary. For the same, her father has invited his daughter and three sons along with their family. Now Raghava has to choose between the three prospective brides who are none other than his uncle's daughters. Anyway, all that monkey business continues as spirits haunt his grandfather's house and the ones residing in it. After learning about the presence of spirits in the house, they want to get rid of it, obviously. But the two ghosts have comfortably resided in Raghava's body and won't leave till they exact revenge.

Pretty much the same plot of all Kanchana films. Sure, the point of conflict is what sets them apart but otherwise, they all have the same story with Raghava running and sitting on people's hip. Nothing has changed in the approach of Lawrence's writing. The first half is every bit entertaining with a good balance of humour and horror. But considering how disturbing a lot of other elements are such as the girls seducing him, the parents being okay with it, the unlimited overacting by all of them and of course, the terrible songs, it does make you question Lawrence's way of thinking. The female cast played by Oviya, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli are next to insignificant. They're your basic eye-candy who just have to wear skimpy clothes and seduce Raghava because he is so irresistible to them. Also, they don't mind letting him choose as he is the "alpha" male.

My rant over the feminist angle can continue as it sure has deplorable humour with respect to the women. But that's not the only bad thing about the film. It's Raghava's inability to weave a story that spans through a decent runtime. He has too many things he would like to communicate to the audience but using one film for it is not the right approach. You already have so many sequels and you've promised a fourth part too, might as well split your ideas into two films. At least that way the movie would have better storytelling. The second half is nothing but a melange of various stories. Also, while the first two movies had Raghava in action from the start. However, having roped in so many characters means he has had to compromise with his own screentime. So the others in the house experience paranormal activities while Raghava is sound asleep, only waking up to run and grope women's hips with his legs.

Kanchana 3 Trailer


- Impeccable first half

- Brilliant comic timing of the cast in the first half


- The writing deserves my face with a big cringe

- Actually, everybody who watched the film left the theatres with a big cringe on their faces

- Every good actor overacts and possibly give Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon a fitting competition

- The story takes a drastic forlorn turn and not in a good way

- Melodrama takes a toll on the script

- Second half is too messed up and confusing

- Lawrence really needs to write better roles for the women in his film

- He also needs to fixate on a script which focuses on one element. At least he should have for this film

- The songs are deplorable to women and forgettable

- There was no character named Kanchana in this film!

- Shoddy work with respect to wrapping up the film.

Final Word

I think we're officially done with Kanchana series so Raghava Lawrence, please hear my plea and stop making more Kanchana movies. Also, if you do plan to continue using the franchise name then you should probably also have a character whose name is Kanchana! But again, as I stated earlier, please don't do this to us anymore.

Rating:1.5out of 5