Bepannaah Written Episode Update, September 11, 2018: Zoya Misses Aditya And he Teases Her About it
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Wasim furious at Zoya for handing over her wedding to Aditya. Zoya reasons that Aditya had made it practically impossible for them to find any venue in the city.

Roshna is also upset with Zoya for this. Zoya says that she wants Aditya to believe that she does not love him and being a part of this marriage will make him believe that.

Arshad steps in and says that he is okay with this decision. Anjana tells SAdi that she liked Pooja better than Zoya as Zoya hurts Adi always. Also Adi has this madness in his eyes for Zoya which he never had for Pooja.

Aditya confesses his love for Zoya and says that he will break his ties with anyone who tries to come between him and Zoya. Harsh walks in and backs Adi up.(Also Read: Zoya Asks Aditya to Plan Her Wedding)

There Noor walks in and asks Zoya why she is doing all of this. She says that Zoya had never required any kind of support when she left everything for Yash's sake. She says that Adi love her too much and Zoya also is doing a big mistake by marrying Arshad.

Zoya refuses to hear any of it and asks Noor to support her. Noor worries why Zoya is punishing herself. Aditya speaks to Akansha and Shawn who says that they all hoped he and Zoya got married.

Adi says that Zoya will marry only him. Anjana hears this and feels frustrated. Harsh warns her against going against Adi this time. He says that Aditya has a crazy love for Zoya which was never there for Pooja.

Harsh suggests that Anjana should find another girl for Adi seeing who Adi will forget Zoya. Zoya cannot sleep, and Noor asks her to listen to a song. Zoya remembers Adi as she listens to it.

Later she gets Adi's message asking her to stop missing him. Wasim urges Noor to take care of Zoya and stop supporting Adi. Adi walks in right then and says that it is his responsibility to make the event grand and he will take care of it.