Bepannaah Written Episode Update, September 10, 2018: Zoya Asks Aditya to Plan Her Wedding
Jennifer Winget is super cute in this bloopers video of Bepannaah.

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Rioshna furious at Wasim for planning the wedding in a week. Roshna wonders how Arshad's family agreed to this .

Wasim says that Arshad must have talked to the family. Zoya(Jennifer Winget) walks away and Wasim thinks that she is being shy. Zoya gets a text from Aditya(Harshad Chopda) asking her if she has chanced to find any venues.

Wasim is unable to find any venues around. He suggests that they should go to Mussorrie for the wedding. Zoya and Roshna agree to this. Roshna asks Zoya why she is doing this in a hurry.

Zoya says that she has thought well. Noor's boss does not let her leave office and makes her work. Arjun gets furious of waiting and throws away the flowers as he walks off.(Also Read: Aditya Forces Zoya to Accepts Her Feelings For Him)

Anjana opens the door to Zoya. Aditya welcomes her in and asks her why she has come. Zoya asks Adi if he thinks that delaying her wedding will make her love him.

Adi says that the love for him is already in her heart and he just needs to wake her. He pulls her to him and says that she has already done this mistake once and he will not let her do it again.

He says that she deserves all the love and a marriage for love. Zoya in a huff hands him the cheque and asks him to organise her wedding. She soon realises her folly as she does not want to see Adi upset.

Adi later tells Arjun that he is arranging the wedding and that this is his only way to make Zoya realise her love.