Sreesanth tells Dipika that had Nehha Pendse been in the house, they would have sent her in the snake's belly instead of Rohit. But then Sreesanth says there were too many girls in the house initially and it's good that Rohit came, but adds that what Rohit did today was not cool. Dipika says she misses Nehha, but Sreesanth says he doesn't. 

Romil consoles Sreesanth and tells him that his family members won't like to see him cry. He cheers up Sreesanth. Later he also goes to Dipika and asks her to calm down. He tells her that her husband won't like to see this. Romil really is a sweetheart sometimes. 

Sreesanth breaks down and Dipika goes up to him and he tells her that he didn't like the way Srishty was not cool. Dipika said this will happen and he should not get affected by this. Dipika walks out as she can't see Sreesanth crying. Dipika too starts crying in the powder room. 

As members of the blue team are still deciding who will go inside, a major argument breaks between Rohit and Megha. His egoist attitude gets into him so much that he even throws a shoe towards Megha and calls her inappropriate names. He basically gets pissed mainly because Megha tells him that his mother didn't teach him anything. But before that it was Rohit, who said something about Megha's son. 

Sreesanth tells Jasleen and Dipika that he will go snake's belly and slap Rohit for misbehaving with Megha while performing the task. Dipika doesn't agree as she knows Sreesanth won't be able to control his anger. Sreesanth then tells Srishty that she is not being fair as a sanchalak and she gets aggressive and starts shouting her lungs out at Sreesanth. 

Sreesanth then asks what is Srishty doing as a sanchalak and Jasleen answers by saying that she is just watching the show. Sreesanth says because Rohit is involved she is not saying anything. 

Dipika informs Sreesanth and Jasleen that Rohit backstabbed them and Jasleen says she knew it. Sreesanth blames Jasleen and Dipika for this as they didn't let him go easily and Jasleen says that he can't blame them. Dipika asks Jasleen to not argue with Sreesanth as he always feels it's others' fault. 

Rohit turns a backstabber and joins hands with Deepak and plays for the Red team.

Dipika, Sreesanth decided that it's Jasleen who should now go to the snake's belly, but Rohit disagrees and says he should go. He says that Jasleen is not strong enough. Jasleen doesn't like this and soon Jasleen gets agitated with Rohit, who refuses to listen and says that he will go no matter what. Ultimately, they decide that Rohit will enter the snake's belly. Jasleen tells Sreesanth and Dipika that they all have done a grave mistake by sending Rohit.

Megha and Deepak soon get into an argument after Deepak asks her why is she so irritated with him all the time. She tells him that she made a comment on her about her doing things for the cameras. Deepak says he still stands by it and tells her that she always needs support of others. 

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Trust takes a lot of years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. A game of trust and mistrust got the contestants baffled in the Bigg Boss house. This week Bigg Boss announced an interesting luxury budget task called Saanp. A huge snake was set in the garden area that changed the color of its eyes. The house was divided into two teams Team Red and Team Blue. Bigg Boss 12: Is Somi Khan Finally Falling In Love With Deepak Thakur? This Unseen Video Suggests So.

Which team won the task? And who are the contestants who will compete for the captaincy after Romil Chaudhary's tenure as the captain comes to an end? We will find that out soon. But on tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12, we will get to see the first leg of this task and we are super excited. Stay on this page as we bring you all the LIVE updates of tonight's telecast of Bigg Boss 12 in case you are no able to watch it.