Bigg Boss 12: Deepak Thakur Takes A Drastic Step After Hurting Somi Khan; Locks Himself Up In The Bathroom!
(Picture Credits: Episode Stills)

Tonight’s episode will see Deepak Thakur break down for the very first time in the house. So much so that he will lock himself up in the bathroom and hurt himself. Housemates Sreesanth, Karanvir, Somi and Dipika ask him to come out but when he does not listen to them, KV breaks the door down. It so happens that during the task, Rohit and Deepak reveal to Somi, Deepak’s plan of removing her from the captaincy race. Bigg Boss 12: Rohit Suchanti, Surbhi Rana – Who Will Get a Ticket to Semi-Finale?; Watch Video

In fact, Deepak is seen confessing about his ploy to Romil where he also states that he confessed of his step behind Somi's back as he could not face her. And this hurts Somi, who berates Deepak for playing games with her. Later on, when Deepak tries to talk to her, Somi shuts him down and says that Deepak broke her trust.

Too hurt by Somi’s words, Deepak locks himself up in the washroom and starts hurting himself. Sree, who is present there asks him to come out and is soon joined by others including Somi and KV. After knocking for long, KV breaks the door down and asks Deepak to not hurt himself.

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Do you think Deepak’s attraction towards Somi was just to start a love angle in the show? Will Bigg Boss punish Deepak for his act?