Bigg Boss 12: Dipika Kakar Says This About Nehha Pendse To The Khan Sisters And It's Shocking - Watch Video
Dipika is not very pleased with Nehha, it seems

Surbhi Rana has managed to cause a havoc inside the Bigg Boss house. We saw a massive fight between Surbhi and the Khans sisters during the captaincy task. As a part of this task, Surbhi, Somi Khan and Shivashish Mishra have to hold a ring all the times. All three of them have to try to eliminate each other, without using physical strength, of course. As if the showdown between the Khan sisters and Surbhi wasn't enough, in tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12, we will see a war of words between Nehha Pendse and the Khan sisters. You see, Nehha is the sanchalak of the task, and Somi went against the rules and hence Nehha disqualified her. But according to Somi, the reason to disqualify her was silly and of course, it didn't go down well with the Khan sisters. Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota Fulfills Jasleen Matharu's Romantic Wish in This Video.

In the latest promo, we see that Somi starts crying after Nehha disqualifies her and starts calling her "ghatiya". The housemates are seen pacifying them, and it is during this Dipika, who is best friends with Nehha tells the two sisters that she has always supported Nehha, but she can't do it this time. Woah! Isn't that shocking?


We wonder how will Nehha react to this when she finds out. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for all the updates on LatestLY.