Bigg Boss 12: Is It Just Us Or Saba Khan Should Have Been Thrown Out Of The House For Pushing Srishty Rode?
Saba broke the most important rule of the Bigg Boss house

Last night's episode of Bigg Boss 12 saw a catfight between Srishty Rode and Saba Khan. It all happened during the captaincy task in which the two were contending to be the next captain of the house. As a part of this task, Srishty and Saba had to collect magnetic plates from the other housemates by convincing them. Later, they had to put the obtained magnetic plates on a board which was placed in the garden area. The contenders had to write their names on the plates and in the end, whoever had the most number of plates with their names would win the task. They were also given an opportunity to strike the opponent's name and write their name on the plates. Dipika Kakar was asked to be the sanchalak of this task.

Only Sourabh Patel and Karanvir Bohra decided to give the plates to Srishty, while the rest of them were by Saba's side. Obviously then Srishty started the task with the only option she had to win, that is by striking Saba's name from the many plates that she got from the housemates. This is when things started getting rough as Saba was trying to protect her plates. At one point, Saba pushed Srishty so aggressively that the latter fell on the ground. Check out the video right here:


Srishty got angry and locked herself in the bathroom for a long time. Later Bigg Boss canceled the task and punished both Saba and Srishty and announced that they won't get to be the captains till the time they are in the house. And this was not fair, we feel. As you saw in the above video, the intensity of Saba's push was on another level. Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth's Ex-Girlfriend Makes SHOCKING Claims, Suggests He Was Cheating On His Wife With Her.

In the previous seasons of Bigg Boss, we have seen similar situations wherein a contestant has pushed another housemate, and sent home. Kushal Tandon pushed VJ Andy in season seven and he was thrown out of the house. Similarly, Priyank Sharma grabbed Akash Dadlani by the collar and host Salman Khan showed him the exit door right on the first weekend.

Saba's push to Srishty was clearly intentional and she should be eliminated, even if means breaking the jodi of Saba and her sister Somi Khan. But from the looks of it, that won't happen and it's unfair to Srishty. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.