Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth's Ex-Girlfriend Makes SHOCKING Claims, Suggests He Was Cheating On His Wife With Her
Sreesanth's ex-girlfriend is hurt after what he has been saying on Bigg Boss 12

Sreesanth, former Indian cricketer, is one of the celebrity contestants on Bigg Boss 12. He has, however, disappointed the fans of the show with his quitter attitude. While his stint on the show might not be explosive, there are shocking claims being made about his personal life, by his ex-girlfriend and actress Nikesha Patel. The lady has claimed that he was in a live-in relationship with her at the same time when he was in a relationship with his wife, Bhuwanseshwari Sreesanth.

"I've not met Sreesanth after the break-up, but I have been watching him on Bigg Boss. Sreesanth claimed on national television that he was in love with Bhuvneshwari for seven years before he got married to her. This makes me wonder, why was he in a live-in relationship with me for over a year around that time," Nikesha was quoted by Bangalore Times. This was between 2011 to 2012, when Sreesanth was not banned. The spot-fixing scandal only happened in 2013. S Sreesanth Best Reverse Swing Spell Videos: Before Bigg Boss 12 and Fixing Controversy, Ex-Indian Cricketer Was a Match Winner!

Nikesha further reveals that he broke up with her without giving their relationship a proper closure. "In the past five years, I have quietly moved away from it all, after the break-up. But, I have not really been able to move-on from the relationship, as I have many unanswered questions," she further said. Nikesha is hurt with his claims of loving only Bhuwaneshwari, with whom Sreesanth has a son and a daughter. Bhuwaneshwari recently sent a video message for Sreesanth and gave her opinion on his stint so far. Seeing his wife after almost a month brought tears in his eyes. Bigg Boss 12: Captaincy Task Gets Cancelled After Saba Khan Attacks Srishty Rode - Watch Video.

We wonder if Bhuwaneshwari will react to these claims by Nikesha. We can't wait for her response. Talking about Sreesanth, as of now, he is in the secret room of the Bigg Boss house along with Anup Jalota. He has been sent there as a part of a twist, and the other contestants have no idea about this.