Paras and Mahira sit in the garden area and talk their hearts out. Chhabra says to her that 'it is easy for her, but difficult for him.' He also adds that 'uski already laag chuki hai', to which Sharma blushes. Not just this, in the end, the lad also confesses that he has feelings for her, but he is not sure. Another love story in the ghar

Paras ignites the flame and tells Asim that Shefali Jariwala is the reason he lost the luxury budget task. Riaz then goes to Jariwala and blamer her for losing this one. To which the lady replies that she will obviously think about her and not him all the time. 

Paras Chhaba sells items worth Rs 19k whereas Asim sells products of Rs 18.6k which makes Chhabra the winner. As Paras wins, Bigg Boss gives him chance to shop luxury items for the house. P.S: Jailer, Bagga and Vishal and loser Asim cannot use the products. 

The new task is between Asim and Paras. The two play the role of dukaandars wherein they need to sell some items at an agreed price to the inmates. And the man selling the most items will win this one. 

As part of the jail's punishment, Bigg Boss sends some dirty utensils for the two jailers which one of them needs to wash and clean. Bagga and Singh decide among themselves and the babe chooses to wash the dirty baartans

After a chaotic scenario, the decision comes in that Bagga and Vishal are culprits and deserve to go jail. The two get handcuffed and go behind the bars. 

Rashami takes Vishal's name for the jail which irks the lad. Desai puts the point that she did not like the nasty comment Vishal made on her and Sidharth's recreated video. The man tells her it was a joke, to which we see Desai blasting and turning into a devi and calling Vishal a 'bewakoof'. Well, you really need to see Rashami's anger here, she was super se upar!

Bigg Boss gathers all in the living area and informs that they need to pick two contestants who they think are undeserving and needs to go to jail. The twist is here that the two contestants who will be picked by majority need to do the entire ghar ka chores and will also be given punishments by BB. Not just this, the two will also be handcuffed when not behind the bars. 

Asim approaches and tells Mahira that he is really sorry about not standing by her in the captaincy post office task. The lad also adds that he in the future will support her. Umm, we see!

In the dark and during the night, all the inmates look into the camera and wish Sidharth Shukla a happy 39th birthday. Aww! 

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It's time for Bigg Boss 13s yet another fun-filled episode guys. While in yesterday's episode, we saw Paras Chhabra making a re-entry inside the house, tonight's Bigg Boss has more drama packed. As going by the sneak peek of the reality show, we will first see Sidharth Shukla's health getting worse and so the lad will be sent to the hospital. In another part of the glimpse, we see Paras Chhabra locking horns with Shefali Bagga over the bed. We wonder what is on Paras' mind, as the man is on a different trip altogether after his comeback on the show? Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai Defends Arhaan Khan’s ‘Road Par Thi’ Comment, Confirms She Was Bankrupt and Homeless.

 Not just this, Vishal Singh and Rashami Desai will yell and fight with each other owing to the guy's comment on Desai's-Sidharth Shukla's love video recreated in the house. Vishal will also be going to jail. If all that drama was not enough, viewers also will witness Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai arguing over something. Desai is upset with Khan's behaviour and she in a corner talks her heart out, interesting, right? Stay tuned to LatestLYBigg Boss 13 Day 67 Highlights: Paras Chhabra Re-Enters The House and Exposes Arhaan Khan, Vikas Gupta Becomes the New Captain and much more!