Breathe Into The Shadows is the second season of Amazon Prime Indian series, Breathe. Actually, the way things ended in the new season, it looks like Breathe is going the spinoff way, as it ends on a cliffhanger, despite bringing a proper conclusion to the twisted arc to its players. Breathe Into The Shadows stars Abhishek Bachchan, Nithya Menen and Saiyami Kher in the lead, while Amit Sadh reprises his character of Crime Branch officer Kabir Sawant from the previous season. (SPOILERS AHEAD). Breathe Into the Shadows Review: Amit Sadh Steals the Show From Abhishek Bachchan in This Engaging but Uneven Thriller Series.

The new season follows an upper-middle class couple in Delhi, Avinash (Abhishek Bachchan) and Abha (Nithya Menen), whose little daughter gets kidnapped by a mysterious stranger. After nine months of fruitless searching, the couple are finally contacted by the kidnapper, who claims that he will return the child if they kill certain targets in specific ways, according to the sins of Raavan. Avinash, who is a criminal psychiatrist, believed that the kidnapper is playing mind games with him.

Meanwhile, Kabir gets a transfer to Delhi to seek an accidental victim of an operation gone wrong. He is then roped to wolve the string of murders, reluctantly carried out by the couple. Breathe Into the Shadows Ending Explained: Here’s What Happens to Abhishek Bachchan, Amit Sadh, Nithya Menen’s Characters and the Meaning of C-16 (SPOILER ALERT).

By the fifth episode, we find out that Avinash had kidnapped his own kid. In the sixth, we realise it wasn't Avinash, but his alter-ego, J, whose existence he is not aware of and who was birthed during a bus accident that killed his parents.

In the end, both Abha and Kabir find out about Avinash's split personality and rescues the girl. Abha escapes the clutches of law, thanks to Kabir's generosity, while Avinash is confined to psychiatric treatment. So a happy ending, right? Not so much, as the cliffhanger ending says.

Anyway, Breathe season 2 is definitely an engaging series, but it has a few gaps and plotholes in the narrative that need some more discussions and explorations. You are welcome to do so in the comments section below.

How Did J Kidnap Siya?

J is the manifestation of Avinash's split personality, and it is this jealous alter-ego that kidnapped little Siya from her friend's birthday party. But the question is, how did he manage to do so? He is usually seen wearing a yellow hoodie with a scary mask on his face, so why did none of the attendees of the party felt what this man was doing at this party? Or why did Siya smile when she faced him before getting kidnapped? The episode clearly shows she didn't recognise it was her father under the mask, otherwise she would not have called him 'Bad Uncle'.

Why Was Kabir in Jail For Six Months?

An operation to catch a criminal goes wrong for Kabir, leading to a girl getting paralysed from the waist below. In lieu of the public outcry, his seniors put him in prison for six months. But that's not how law works in India. It is the court that sentences a guilty person to prison term. Also, how was he able to reinstate himself back into service, after he got out of prison, and even get a transfer as per his wish?

Also, What About Ria and Josh?

The second season does complete injustice to the end of Kabir's personal arc in the first season. While he and his wife Ria (Sapna Pabbi) has a rocky marriage then, they did make up in the end and came together for Josh's sports meet. In the second season, it is merely mentioned that she divorced him and left to another country. What's more, Kabir doesn't seem to even care about her much. Also for Josh, who was the son of R Madhavan's character, there is no mention at all.

How Does Avinash Put Pigeons in Pritpal's Car?

As per J's first task, Avinash had to make the first victim, a calm-headed Pritpal angry and then kill him. Pritpal being a germaphobe gets irked by garbage and dirt. So Avinash dumps garbage near his house. But later, he also puts pigeons in his car. For one, how did he get access to Pritpal's car keys? Secondly how did he put live pigeons in the car, without anyone noticing, when it was parked in a public place that too in broad daylight?

Who Were J's Other Victims?

J's targets, according to Raavan's ten heads, should be 10. We get to see him kill three of them - Pritpal, Natasha and Angad. So who are the rest of the 'heads'? Will J continue to severe them in the next season?

Why Was Zeba's Hand in A Sling?

When we first see Kabir's jealous Delhi colleague, Zeba (Shradha Kaul), her hand is in a sling, as the result of a previous case she handled. But later, we find that she was faking it. So why did she do so? Was she scared to handle the serial killing case, which went on to fall in Kabir's lap? If that was the case, why was she envious of him?

Why Didn't Krishnamoorthy Get Avinash Treated?

Yup, when Avinash's principal/mentor Krishnamoorthy (Nizhalgal Ravi) did try psychiatric counselling in the beginning to cure him of his MPD. But after the first doctor leaves for The States, Krishnamoorthy doesn't look out for another psychiatrist to get Avinash treated, till he became an adult and then suggested him to do so, (only for it to backfire on him). Were there was a shortage of psychiatrists in Nainital?

Will Kabir Meet Meghna Again?

Kabir had a softer subplot involving Meghna (Plabita Borthakur), the girl he left paralysed from waist down, that seems to be inspired by Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy's track from Bangalore Days. Towards the end of her track, Meghna leaves for Canada. Will Kabir pursue her there, since he seems to be in love with her?

Was Avinash's Mother a Porn Star?

When a teenage Avinash is staying the college hostel, his hostel mates are seen watching a porn movie, which he ignores because he is busy in his books. Although we only see a glimpse of the actress in the video, she shared a suspicious resemblance to Avinash's dead mother. If both are the same, is that the reason why her husband used to mistreat her badly?

What's C-16?

The biggest question that had bothered everyone who has done with the series is this. The mysterious "C-16" was scribbled in the piece of paper that Avinash/J gives to Shirley (Saiyami Kher) at the end of the season, that made her smile a little. Our theory is that it is the number of the hotel room that J and Shirley had their platonic rendezvous, which is what made her recognise that the one she loved is not lost. What do you say?

Has J Now Completely Taken Over Avinash's Mind?

The epilogue takes three years later after the events of the climax. Avinash, still in psychiatric facility, tells a visiting Abha that he hasn't relapsed to being J for an year. But when Abha rejects the idea of him visiting her and her daughter, he looks troubled. Then when Shirley visits him, he is silent, but holds her hand when she leaves. As per what we know, Avinash is not aware of Shirley's impact in his life, because J used to meet her. He also gives her the mysterious note that leaves her pleased. In the end, we see him limping to the stage, which means J has taken over. Since Abha doesn't need Avinash but Shirley needs J, does it mean J is now in control of Avinash's mind? Or is it Avinash's unexplained diabolical plan to get out of there? The cliffhanger is just bizarre in itself.

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