Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Prithvi Panics as he Sees Karan And Preeta Together
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Karan(Dheeraj Dhoopar) and Preeta(Shraddha Arya) hugging each other as Srishti joins them when the trio says that they hate Prithvi.

Prithvi wakes up with a start from his reverie. He thinks that he should not be thinking about negative things. He wonders why Preeta has not come out yet and thinks about himself being her hero.

Sherlin calls him and asks him where he is. He asks her to hang up. Sherlin wonders if he is at the station. Karan asks Preeta how she knows what she knows.(Also Read: Prithvi Meets Karan in Jail And Mocks Him)

Preeta then relates everything that she saw at the party. She says that Karan was almost unconscious and he could not even stand. Srishti is sure that there is more to this and Karan has been framed.

Preeta says that she should go and tell the cops. Srishti stops her and says that she cannot go there without proof as they will not believe. Preeta tries going again, but this time Karan stops her.

Karan says that he does not want Preeta to go against Sarla again. He says that Sarla has gone through enough and now he will not let anyone insult her again. Rakhi and Kareena make up as they apologise to each other.

Karan says that he does not want Preeta to be in trouble and Preeta says she would neither want to see him in trouble. Prithvi watches them hug and feels frustrated as he wishes this was not true.