MTV Ace of Space 2: Vikas Gupta's Show Gets Its First Semi-Finalist in Yash Rajput
Vikas Gupta and Yash Rajput (Photo Credits: Instagram)

As MTV Ace of Space 2 is nearing its finale, its time for the houseguests to prove their worth in the game. The eighth week of the show has kicked-off with an ultimate twist as the housemates are introduced to the task of the week – Out of the box. Baseer Ali, Lucinda, Khushi Choudhary, Rashmi, Deepak, Manhar and Salman had the power to the trouble and torture their counterparts- Yash, Prakruti and Krissann, who were locked inside the box. And as expected just like every task in the house that does not take place in the house without a fight, this one too starts a major fight in the house, between Deepak Thakur and Salman Zaidi. MTV Ace Of Space 2: Erica Fernandes DEMANDS That Krissann Barretto Return The Ring 'Her Friend' Gave Her, While Salman Zaidi Defends His Best Friend! (Watch Video)

And emerging the winner of the task and the also the first semi-finalist of the show is Mumbai boy Yash Rajput. The camera-shy, calm and cool contestant of Ace of Space 2, in a surprise of sorts, became the first semi-finalist, beating the likes of strong players like Salman Zaidi, Baseer Ali, Rashmi Jha and Deepak Thakur among others.

Says Mastermind Vikas Gupta, "This is one of the most surprising entries into the semi-finals and what is also exciting is that the boy had always been a non-performer and it has been the last three weeks that his game picked up so beautifully that he has actually beaten everyone else from the top players to reach to the semi-finals. It’s just not about following, he has the least following on social media and yet he is the first one to enter the semi-finals. It’s brilliant.”