Naagin 3 21st July 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: A Jealous Mahir Decides to Get Rehaan And Jamini's Married at Once
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Naagin 3 starts with Mahir(Pearl V Puri) seeing Bela(Surbhi Chandna) and Rehaan/Vish(Anita Hassanandani) coming out of the washroom together.

Bela says that Rehaan entered the ladies room by mistake. Mahir taunts her saying he has never seen her laughing so heartily before and he should be thanking Rehaan for that.

Ajithab goes through the video of the function and chances to see a glimpse of the naagin. He understands that there is more to it than what meets the eyes. Anu is making Kuhu, and RJ checks Jamini's room for some proof.

The group refuses to trust Anu anymore after she goofed up twice in her attempt to expose Bela. Nano-sized Aditya is trying to attract the group's attention. Jamini walks in and takes Aditya in her grip once again.

The group walks away as Mahir and Bela with Rehaan/ Vish too step in. Bela and Mahir go away from the room, and Rehaan/ Vish too walks away soon. Jamini finds this weird.

Bela and Vish meet later as Bela teases Vish over Jamini. Vish says that she will make Jamini blurt out the truth tonight and Bela should concentrate on killing Mahir.

Bela says that she has a foolproof plan for the same. She says that Mahir will die as a part of an accident. Ajithab meets Andy and Sumitra questioning them about Yuvi.

They say that Yuvi is in Switzerland with Raavi. Ajithab investigates about Raavi. Bela returns to her room and Mahir is already irritated with her. Mahir confronts Bela and asks her why he can see love in her eyes for Rehaan.

Bela is shocked by these questions and asks Mahir why he is so concerned even if she does has some feelings. Mahir almost blurts out that he loves her but stops himself.

Mahir asks Blea to clarify this to him by next day as he needs to know for sure if Rehaan is more to her. There Jamini in her attempt to clear her confusion about Rehaan tries to seduce him.

Vish finds it hard to keep the witch off her. Jamini wonders why Rehaan is acting strange as he never was so decent. Vish/Rehaan tells Jamini that they need to wait until their marriage is over and he walks out of the room.

There Mahir is in the hall trying to figure out all the closeness he witnessed between Bela and Rehaan from the morning. Mahir notices Rehaan sneak into Bela's room, and he tries hard to keep himself from confronting them right then.

He decides to ask Bela next morning. There Vish and Bela discuss about how their plans are not working for the night. Vish has a doubt that Jamini might be just a common girl but Bela is sure that Jamini is up to something.

Next morning Jamini wakes Bela with two cups of tea. Bela interchanges the cups when Jamini is not looking, and Jamini thinks that how she knew Bela would do just that and so she has drugged the cups both and not the tea.

Bela later pours away the tea. She is almost about to put the cup to her lips when Mahir walks in, and she drops the cup. Mahir takes Bela away. Mahir asks Bela if she has decided about what she wants.

Sumitra comes up and takes Bela away before Mahir can probe her further. In the kitchen, Poulomi and Suhani are already preparing for the charity donations.

Poulomi is in the process of doing some pooja to keep Sumitra away from Andy. Mahir once again walks up and drags Bela away. Sumitra is happy to see them like that together.

Mahir once again questions Bela about what she wants. Bela says that she has nothing to do with Rehaan and she does not want to be with him. Mahir says that then she should not have a problem with his decision.

Bela is left wondering what his decision is. Later Mahir calls the Mittal family and announces Jamini and Rehaan's wedding the very next day. Vish is left hapless as she wonders how to save herself.

That evening the functions begin, and Mahir notices that REhaan looks disturbed. Bela asks Rehaan to meet her on the top floor. Mahir sees the two sneaking away.

Vish tells Bela that she cannot keep a watch on Jamini if this marriage drama goes on. Bela promises that she herself will keep a watch for now. Mahir is right behind them, and he sees Bela hugging Rehaan.

He once again asks Bela if she is sure about her decision and that he himself wants to see her happy always. Bela confirms that she is sure and walks away saying she has to meet Jamini and hand over a gift that Rehaan gave for her.

Jamini is not in the room when Bela enters, and so Bela decides to check the room. Aditya jumps up and down in the drawer to attract attention, but Bela does not see him. Jamini surprises Bela by charging in, and she drops the turmeric. Bela is shocked when she sees Jamini fly over the turmeric to reach her.