Naagin 3 22nd September 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Bela Reveals Her True Identity to Mahir
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Naagin 3 starts with Bela killing Shaan as she avenges the pain Sumitra went through and also for trying to get close to her. Mahir and Ajithab are driving to the place as Ajithab says that he has so many questions for Mahir after all of this is over.

Vish seeks forgiveness of Bela and says that she knows she put Bela and the others in grave danger. Mahir and Ajithab walk in and the women say that Shaan brought them here but they managed to escape.

Bela and Vish are taken home. Someone is seen getting ready as Aditya welcomes him. Aditya says that they will together make Bela cry. Bela meets the nagpurohit who asks her to tell Mahir about her love for him.

Bela decides to tell Mahir the entire truth. Bela returns home as Sumitra and Kuhu are discussing about Shaan and hoe Vish saved them all. They have decided to let Vish stay on in the house.(Also Read: Vish And Mahir Team up to Save Bela From Shahnawas)

Bela tells Sumitra that she needs to speak to Mahir. She interrupts Mahir's meeting and says that she wants to speak to him. He asks her to say whatever she wants to there.

Bela thinks that she cannot speak in front of the office people. Aditya meets Bela and says that she is going lose. Bela asks him to prepare himself. Bela goes to her room and meets Vish on the way.

She tells Vish that she is going to tell Mahir the truth. Vish is surprised about what Bela is going to talk. Bela finds Mahir in their room and tries telling him her feelings. Sumitra and Andy are worried about something and are trying to call Mahir.

Sumitra then barges into Mahir's room and takes him away. Mahir later is shocked to find Yuvi back. Yuvi says that he loves Bela and he is ready to have her back.

He says that he knows Mahir took good care of Bela for Yuvi's sake. Mahir returns to the room. Bela finds him back and tells him that she loves him. She also says that she is a Nagin.

Mahir says that he already knew this as he had seen her change form. He says he does love her but he cannot accept her as she killed his family.Bela soon realises that she was dreaming. She decides to tell Mahir the truth come what may.