Naagin 3 15th September 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Vish And Mahir Team up to Save Bela From Shahnawas
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Naagin 3 starts with Mahir searching around the house for Bela (Surbhi Jyothi) and the others but finds no one. Vish panics as she wonders where Shahnawas has taken Bela away to.

She sees Mahir and takes her snake form. There Shahnawas calls for a celebration in the woods as a part of his wedding rituals. The women of the Sehgal household are totally under his control, and they dance around like puppets. Mahir meets Vish and sees her injured.

He asks her how this happened and also asks her where the women are. Vish tells him that Shaan has taken them away. Mahir is amazed at Vish speaking against Shaan.(Also Read: Shaan Professes His Love For Bela)

Shahnawas asks Bela to come out of the paalki and enjoy with him. Bela thinks that this her only way to escape and so she takes Shahnawas's hands. He tells her that he has arranged for everything for her. Bela takes a chance and runs away. Later though she is brought back by Sumitra and Poulomi.

Shahnawas then threatens to make Poulomi kill Sumitra if Bela tried running again. Bela says that she will not, and she goes with Shahnawas into a cave. Mahir asks Vish to think, and she concentrates as her power also returns. She urges Mahir to go with her.

Mahir keeps panicking over Bela, but Vish asks him to trust her for now and that she will explain it all to him. Shahnawas closes the mouth of the cave. Bela is taken away to get dressed as the palace is brimming with music and celebration.

Bela tries to remind Sumitra but in vain. Later she asks them to get her food as she is hungry. Then she disguises herself and runs. Once again though she is caught. Mahir and Vish reach the mouth of the cave and try to move the stone. Mahir gets stuck there.

Vish has to take her snake form to save him. Mahir asks her how she moved the rock, but she makes an excuse. Ajithab too is following the two and reaches the mouth of the cave.

He sees Ramona's ring. There Shahnawas starts playing, and Bela says that she will not affect. He continues the sound. Mahir and Vish walk in and find Bela. Mahir hugs her, but she pushes him away saying she is going to marry Shahnawas.

Mahir is shocked and tries convincing her. Vish understands that she is under Shahnawas's influence. Later the two disguise and walk into the celebration. Mahir cannot stop himself as he sees Shahnawas preparing for the wedding. He walks up to Bela. Shahnawas says that Bela is his love and now she does not even recognise Mahir.