Vanderpump Rules' Star Billie Lee Reveals Chilling Details of Sex With a Ghost on a New Podcast
Billie Lee (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Billie Lee, reality star from Vanderpump Rules' has made quite a revelation about her paranormal experience. She wasn't just haunted but had a sexual encounter with a spirit. In her recent appearance on the Roz Drezfalez’s Ghosted! podcast, she gave chilling details of her sex with a ghost story. She recalled the moment which felt too real to be untrue but she could not see the spirit. Sex With Ghost? New Zealand Woman Claims She is Making Out with Her Dead Boyfriend's Spirit.

Bille Lee admitted that she was smoking pot that night and while she fell asleep she had a visitor. She said she woke to a ghost f**king her and it felt like a wet dream. She said, "And it was so real and even when I woke up it was continuing. So, it was like this in and out of sleep but like it was this energy and I knew it was a ghost." She continued that she felt the energy of someone but could not see the person or the spirit. On the next day, she tried talking to her friends ask asked if the stuff they smoked had something.

Lee also mentioned that while she has seen weird wet dreams before, this one was strange because it had no person but some form of energy. "I felt the touch on my body, I felt the penetration, I felt things I couldn’t explain." While many may find it too creepy and traumatising, Lee did not. At least not today. Over the years, she said she feels good about it.

Similar to Lee, there have been other similar paranormal experiences felt by people. A UK counsellor named Amethyst Realm, has claimed that she's in relationship with ghosts for more than a decade. She has had over 20 ghostly lovers! She loved the sex with these ghostly spirits so much so she gave up sex with men.