Chipi Airport: First Test-Flight With Ganesh Idol Lands at Sindhudurg Airport, Maharashtra
Representational Image (Photo credit: The Boeing Company/ Facebook)

Maharashtra, September 12: The first ‘test flight’ at the Sindhudurg Airport in Maharashtra has landed, carrying Ganpati idol. According to a previous PTI copy, The airport is being constructed at Parule Chipi in Sindhudurg district by the IRB Sindhudurg Airport on a design-build-finance-operate-transfer basis for the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation.

The 2,500-metre-long runway, the airport will have a capacity to handle 200 departing and 200 arriving passengers during peak hours. Sindhudurg will be the state’s 14th airport. At present, it has three functional international and 13 domestic airports. Ahead of Navi Mumbai Airport, Parule-Chipi in Sindhudurg to Get a New Airport by This Year!

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Suresh Prabhu as quoted in the report said the construction of the Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri airports will not only provide better connectivity to the Konkan region of Maharashtra but also boost tourism in this scenic area of the state.