Olusola M Awujoola is famously known as Malivelihood, and has been emerging as one of the most influential luxury DESIGN WITH GOLD & DIAMONDS. His range of work includes contributions to not just the JEWERLY industry, this 39 year old Nigerian luxury designer also specialises in custom LUXURY jewellery. The demand for custom jewellery has been rising, but not every supplier is as efficient as him IN AFRICA AND EUROPE.

Olusola M Awujoola is the great mind behind the popular LUXURY company Malivelihood . As fancy as it sounds, its products are fancier, especially made for customers who demand the top quality goods and would not compromise in any aspect. There is something unique that Malivelihood provides, and it is the gold coated design that has everyone invested in it. A number of popular celebrities such as DJ KALED AND CHRIS BROWN AND MORE are known to have had some valuable purchases from here.

Malivelihood was born in 1981, September, and has always had a great amount of enthusiasm in himself to grow up and become somebody notable. Currently he does not just hold a degree in business administration, but also a Masters in Global Management and an LLM in commercial law. He does not just work hard, he works smart, thus making improvements in his own self along with his luxury brand. He has special training from the jewellery making and luxury branding in New York AND UK which has proven to be a great help in running his business successfully for years now.

Besides being a successful man, Malivelihood is also a very dedicated designer who has the right concepts and strategies to build his company independently.

A good business also guarantees a very good respectful life.

His net worth is something really worth discussing- with more than $30 million and counting, Malivelihood has become one of the most successful Nigerian businessman providing for all the luxury demands AND HOSPITALITY IN AFRICA, Want to have a look at it yourself? Make sure you checkout his social media platforms, who knows, you might find something too beautiful to ignore!