Mumbai, June 3: The landfall process of cyclone Nisarga is underway in Maharashtra's Raigad district. According to the India Meteorological Department, cyclone Nisarga will weaken down to a cyclonic storm from a severe cyclonic storm in by 8 pm. As cyclone Nisarga is a trending subject for today, we have brought for you glossary of various terms and jargons such as cyclone landfall, depression and deep depression. Scroll down to understand meanings of words used for cyclonic activities. Cyclone Nisarga: What is the Difference Between Cyclone, Hurricane And Typhoon?

What is a cyclone?

A cyclone is a large scale air mass that rotates around a strong centre of low atmospheric pressure. Cyclones are characterised by inward spiralling winds that rotate about a zone of low pressure. There are three types of cyclones - Tropical cyclones, Polar cyclones and mesocyclone. Cyclone Nisarga Live Satellite Map: Landfall Today, Track Real Time Path and Speed of Cyclonic Storm in Mumbai, Raigad, Palghar & Rest of Maharashtra Coastline.

What does a cyclone making landfall mean?

Landfall means shifting of a storm from over water to over land. A cyclonic storm makes landfall when its centre moves across the coast. In strong tropical cyclones, landfall happens when the eye of the storm moves over land. According to the US National Hurricane Center, a landfall is the intersection of the centre of a tropical cyclone with a coastline.

What is a depression in geology?

A depression or low-pressure system in geology is a weather term. A depression means an area of low pressure, wind, cloud and usually rain. Depressions form by various mechanisms. A tropical depression is one of the types of tropical cyclones. Depression in the sea causes a mid-latitude cyclone

What is deep depression?

Depressions are deep if the pressure of the air at the centre of the depression is very much lower than the air surrounding it.

Meanwhile, cyclone Nisarga has crossed Maharashtra coast and currently is centred on Alibag in Raigad district, over 80 kilometres from Mumbai. Nisarga comes on the heels of Cyclone 'Amphan' which had killed close to 90 people when it hit eastern India and Bangladesh on May 20.

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