Medical Negligence in Indore: Baby Dies after Pregnant Woman Allegedly Slapped By Nurse Asking 'Why You Ate So Much That Your Infant Weights 4.5 Kg'
Infant (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

In a bizarre case of medical apathy, a pregnant woman from Indore, Madhya Pradesh was slapped and mistreated by a nurse while she was delivering because she was giving birth to a heavy child who weighed 4.5kg who also, eventually couldn't survive because of negligence. The relatives of the pregnant woman have accused the private hospital, its nurses and other staff of neglect. One of the nurses slapped the pregnant woman saying "Why did she eat so much during pregnancy that such a heavy baby was born", as per reports from News18. The family and relative have lodged a complaint with the police and they are all set to begin the inquiry and scrutinise the case. As per reports by N18, the woman's name is Neha Sarda and belongs to the Sanmati Nagar area, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. UP Medical Negligence: Class 8th Pass Owner of Aryan Hospital Seen Operating Patient, Video Goes Viral!

As per the reports from the sources, the woman reached with her family members and relatives at 10:30 to the private hospital and negligence began right from the start. For the longest of time, there was no staff to assist the lady and after two hours, 16 injections were given to the pregnant woman. When even after the injections given the pain did not decrease the woman was taken for delivery. The relatives say that they were in touch with Dr Vandana Tiwari for all the nine months of the term and when the family demanded the same medic, Dr Tiwari, to be called during delivery, the nurses began to slap the woman saying "Why did you eat so much that your baby now weighs 4.5 kgs?" However, after the delivery, the nurses told the father of the child that even though the heartbeats of the infant could be registered, the child itself wasn't responding.

The family soon took the child to a different hospital where Dr Zafar Pathan said that the reason behind the death of the child is a delay in the delivery and negligence from the caretakers in the previous hospital. Even though the infant was kept under observation on a ventilator, it couldn't survive and died on Friday.