Etawah, June 3: An elderly woman in Uttar Pradesh tried to hide behind a drum when a team visited her house to raise awareness about the COVID-19 vaccination drive. The incident took place at Chandanpur village in Etawah on June 1. A video of the elderly woman dodging healthcare workers and officials by hiding behind a drum is going viral on social media, highlighting the issue of vaccine hesitancy in rural parts. Liquor Being Sold Only for People Vaccinated Against COVID-19 in UP's Etawah District.

Etawah Sadar MLA Sarita Bhadauria, along with a team of healthcare workers, visited Chandanpur village to urge people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. As the team reaches the elderly woman's door, she first hides behind a door and then runs behind a large drum in her house, apparently to avoid COVID-19 vaccine. "The vaccination people have come. Where are you, amma?" someone is heard saying in the video. India Administers Over 22 Crore COVID Vaccine Doses.

The woman refuses to come out of her "hiding place". "The MLA is here. Please come out," one of the health workers requests her. A doctor then approaches the woman and convinces her to at least listen to the team. "I am a doctor. I am not here to give you an injection. We are here just to speak with you. At least come and listen to your MLA," the doctor is heard telling the afraid woman. The woman finally comes out of her house and meets the legislator.

Afraid of COVID-19 Vaccine, Uttar Pradesh Woman Hides Behind Drum:

When MLA Sarita Bhadauria asked why she doesn't want to take the jab, the elderly woman kept saying she doesn't want to get inoculated. Reports said she was not vaccinated that day. "People are a little unaware in the villages. Many officials were with me, and we were encouraging people to get vaccinated. The woman was first at the door, but on seeing us she ran and hid behind a drum. She was scared," Bhadauria told NDTV later in the day.

"She said she had been told she would get high fever and other bad things would happen. I think there is a crying need to have awareness campaigns in villagers," the MLA added. Vaccine hesitancy in villages is emerging as a major challenge for the state government.

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