One of India’s most reported Digital Marketing mentors & Entrepreneur Gaurav Madaan talks about the game of digital media marketing in a pandemic like situation of Covid-19. He not only guides students about online entrepreneurship, but is also the cofounder of ZeroTouch. He believes that we should treat this situation as an opportunity to redefine our business & expand using the power of Internet.

“Social media has changed the world. The rapid and vast adoption of these technologies is changing how we find partners, how we access information from the news, how we organize to demand political change & how we make MONEY” says Gaurav. Most of the social media platforms that survived the last decade have shifted significantly in what they offer users, by changing the way people use these platforms.

Big businesses have accepted the Covid 19 situation & have made their complete customer checkout & in-store experience “Contactless”. Because they know if they won’t do it, their business will die. It’s an established Fact, that due to pandemic, Local Businesses are struggling to survive.

At ZeroTouch, Gaurav & his team has designed a solution to make the Entire In-Store Experience to the best of safety norms which will win back the customer trust for better foot falls to increase revenue. Gaurav adds, “We have developed the fully powered Enterprise level Contactless Business suite to help revive the Local Businesses”.

Gaurav’s SAAS products are being used by 10,000+ businesses across the globe. His passion for Digital is unmatched, and he continues helping Business Owners, Students, Professionals to upgrade their skills in the true sense of Digital + Marketing.

ZeroTouch is powered with an In-Built QR Code based truly Contactless payment & order management system. With it's state of art technology & totally easy to setup DIY & DFY system. With his extensive knowledge, he has also trained over 100,000+ students in the filed of Digital Marketing in the past few years.