The Program is developed to benefit those looking for a part-time job at this challenging time

February 24, 2021 -  Global Outlet Store, the online global market, announces today the launch of its new Affiliate Program, designed to help those looking for a part-time job or in need to earn an extra income, available now and worldwide.

As a global market, the company points out many reasons to join the Program and start earning some extra income.

"To benefit more consumers and give those people who lost a job some help, GOS launched the Affiliate Program at the start of 2021. GOS welcomes any people who may current GOS consumers or potential consumers join the Affiliate Program," states the company's representative.

Global Outlet Store prides to offer high-quality and exclusive products priced 30%-50% lower than Amazon.

"As we know, there are huge numbers of Amazon sellers from China. Since the high processing and admin fees, the products are priced higher than their value. We allow our clients to purchase the same products at a lower price," confirms the company's representative.

Global Outlet Store Affiliate Program is developed to easily set-up and operate within three simple steps and zero investment. Upon setting up the account and joining the Program, the partner is ready to start sharing and promoting the website, earning 10% commission on each qualified generated sale.

"You can give 10% off coupon to your client to make them happy and close the deal. You still will get a 10% commission on your client's payment," affirms the company's representative.

With easy-to-use linking tools, the Program helps anyone to share and advertise the products, also to monetize and maximize earnings.

“Whether you are a large network, content site, social media influencer or blogger, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize,” declares the company.

For more information about the Global Outlet Store Affiliate Program, click here.

About Global Outlet Store

Founded after the global Covid 19 pandemic changed the worldwide trade scenario for both manufacturers and consumers, John, the owner and founder of Global Outlet Store, envisioned the opportunity to help people start their own business and earn income. He organized his team and business partners to start-up the Global Outlet Store based on his many years of experience in e-commerce operation, cross-border package transportation, and marketing practice. After 3 months of integration, the company established operations in Yiwu, Guangzhou, and Melbourne. All products are carefully selected and shipped worldwide.