Peter "Gucci P" Iwuh, aka Gucci P a prominent name among the Gen Z entrepreneur's in the USA. He is widely known for his creative and marketing strategies, one of the youngest pioneers in the music marketing industry. He hangs out with some of the biggest names in the music industry and has partnerships with major record labels. Today Gucci P is the inspiration for the kids from his university, hood, and the ones who are aspiring to become successful in the creative and digital media space. Gucci P believes in execution and hard work, to be successful you have to do things differently.

Gucci P's Journey and Accomplishments as a Gen Z Entrepreneur

One of his recent accomplishments is that he was elected to the Facebook HCBU Newsroom Fellowship Program, 2021. Thousands of students applied for it across hundreds of universities in the USA, but Gucci P was deserving enough to become one of the 25 students to be accepted as a fellow in Facebook's program. Having a valuable Network and contacts, he tends to help brands and influencers with their creative strategies and building a personal brand. He is capable of representing Morgan State University as well as head the creative department of his agency.

In his early career he was associated with many record labels and industry experts, along with that he was Sony Music U's Baltimore representative. Where he was selected by Sony Music for the college marketing team for the entire Baltimore city as well as his University. Along with that Gucci P is also recognized by Vice and The Media Prince as the Youngest Trendsetter on the DMV35under35 list. This is another significant milestone for Gucci P and he believes he has still a long way to go.

Currently, Gucci P is the owner of Tykoon, an agency founded in 2018. The agency has many high ticket clients paying for exclusive services. They provide services like branding, digital marketing, strategy planning, content creation, talent management, and many customized services too. Scaling from an amateur team to having one of the best talents working in the agency who have previously worked in companies like Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Quadio, and more.

Gucci P was observant of the problems in the music industry. He started working on his ideas and filling out the gaps he noticed in the music industry. With some extraordinary campaigns, and delivering unimaginable results to his clients Gucci P has made Tykoon the most versatile Gen Z-operated agency.

With his increasing popularity and increasing demand for services of Tykoon, he has been able to build a unique personal brand. Currently, Gucci P has 50K followers on TikTok and 24K on Instagram. He has a unique presence on LinkedIn too. Gucci P is kind of a Gen Z entrepreneur who is not only building a business, he is creating a legacy.